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Lunar Eclipse 2022: Know how Chandra Grahan will affect the 12 zodiac signs


NOVEMBER 8, 2022

Scheduled to take place for approximately 85 minutes on 8th November 2022, regions like North America, South America, Asia, New Zealand, and Australia are all set to witness the last total Lunar Eclipse of this year.

But what exactly is Lunar Eclipse? It’s a celestial event when the Earth, Moon, and Sun are closely or exactly aligned. Due to this, the moon appears darkened as it passes into the Earth’s shadow. As per NASA, this shadow is scientifically termed as an Umbra.

Also, the next total Lunar Eclipse will be addressed by the world three years later on 14th March 2025. Not to forget celestial events like Lunar Eclipse accompany various positive and negative effects on all the zodiac signs. For addressing the same, renowned astrologer, Pandit Jagannath Guruji shares his observation on the impact of Lunar Eclipse on all the 12 zodiac signs. Let’s find out.


Some health-related problems might disturb you regarding which you need to stay a bit cautious. However, nothing major will impact your health. Also, your relationships and partnerships can go through a rollercoaster ride through this phase.


The Lunar Eclipse is likely to affect your overall happiness during this phase. On the personal front, some family-related problems might also disturb you. Handle the situation with maturity to treasure the happiness and prosperity around you.


Gemini natives will find this phase amazingly awesome as the Lunar Eclipse is going to affect them in a positive manner. Your happiness will be escalated, making you enjoy the moment. Also, some of you might think of taking a short break from physical exertions.


You might have to deal with serious anxiety that will take a toll on your mental health. Thus, try keeping your loved ones close to you during this time. It is suggested to have open communication with your trusted ones for feeling relaxed and better.


You might experience some positivity in your luck due to this last total Lunar Eclipse of 2022. However, certain ups and downs can be seen in your life. Also, you might have to welcome some unexpected guests during this period.


A good amount of monetary gain is seen for the Virgo natives that will strengthen their overall savings. Also, you`ll be experiencing better health during this period. Furthermore, the Lunar Eclipse can be seen favoring you in stimulating your communication skills.


Financially, you`re going to have a great experience. Several monetary changes can be seen affecting your lifestyle in a positive manner. Those working in the offices can expect promotions or opportunities from better companies.


You might experience some fluctuations in your health that will require immediate attention from you. Also, avoid sharing any secret with anyone during this period as someone close can betray your trust.


Some physical problems might affect the natives of Sagittarius. Therefore, it is suggested to stay careful while driving, riding, or traveling. Avoid rash driving as it can lead you into serious trouble. Also, chanting mantras in a loud voice could be beneficial.


Your interest in social media might drastically surge, pushing you to spend more time online than before. However, be cautious regarding the content you`re consuming as it can affect your perception of the world and humanity. Avoid toxic information.


On the professional front, various positive changes can be seen. As a result of which, fruitful opportunities will be heading your way. Consider taking your partner outside for an unexpected lunch or dinner date for spending some quality time together.


Financially, this period doesn`t look stable for you. Thus, closely monitor your income and expenses for avoiding a money crisis. Remain brave and strong during this time to deal with any sort of situation. Ultimately, victory will be yours.

Courtesy/Source: Mid-Day