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Edward Norton Goes on Epic Twitter Rant About Donald Trump: ‘We Cannot Let This Mobster Bully the USA’


NOVEMBER 20, 2020

“He’s leaving, gracelessly and in infamy,” the Oscar-nominated actor tweeted. – Dave Benett/Getty; Tasos Katopodis/Getty

Edward Norton is not holding back on how he feels about President Donald Trump.

On Friday, the 51-year-old actor and filmmaker went on an epic Twitter rant about Trump, 74, and his refusal to concede to President-elect Joe Biden following the 2020 presidential election.

Beginning his lengthy Twitter thread by noting that he is “no political pundit,” Norton detailed how his father was a federal prosecutor and that he has played “a fair amount of poker” to know what he believes Trump is doing. “I do not think Trump is trying to ‘make his base happy’ or ‘laying the groundwork for his own network’ or that ‘chaos is what he loves,'” Norton tweeted. “The core of it is that he knows he’s in deep, multi-dimensional legal jeopardy and this defines his every action.”

Then, calling Trump “a mobster” in a follow-up tweet, the American History X actor said that Americans cannot let Trump “bully the USA into a deal to save his a– by threatening our democracy,” before the Oscar-nominated star began to insult Trump directly.

“I will allow that he’s also a whiny, sulky, petulant, Grinchy, vindictive little 10-ply-super-soft b—- who no doubt is just throwing a wicked pout fest & trying to give a tiny-hand middle finger to the whole country for pure spite, without a single thought for the dead & dying,” he wrote.

Edward Norton. – Rich Fury/Getty

Norton’s comments come just days after Biden, 78, said that the stakes could not be higher as Trump continues to refuse to acknowledge the results of the election he lost, and help with the country’s transfer of power.

“More people may die if we don’t coordinate,” Biden warned Monday, calling once again on Trump to concede as the president continues to insist that the election was rigged while coronavirus cases soar around the country. “And so it’s important that it be done — that there be coordination now. Now, or as rapidly as we can get that done,” Biden said in a speech in Wilmington, Delaware, where he has been preparing to take office in two months.

But the president has not yet bent. While he hasn’t provided proof of his claims of widespread fraud, and various state officials have dismissed allegations of wrongdoing in the elections, he has bellowed on Twitter that “I WON THE ELECTION.”

Incoming administrations typically use the period between the election and Inauguration Day to get caught up to speed and ensure a smooth transition of power, Martha Kumar, the director of the White House Transition Project, told PEOPLE. “What generally happens is somebody that has held a position will try to be helpful for the new person coming in,” she said.

However, Emily Murphy, a Trump-appointed administrator at the General Services Administration responsible for signing off, or “ascertaining” the results of the 2020 election, has not done so yet.

At the end of his Twitter thread, the Fight Club actor said that American’s faith in the founding principles and institutions of the country are “severely stretched” by Trump’s actions. But “they will hold,” he added.

“He’s leaving, gracelessly and in infamy. But if we trade for it, give him some brokered settlement, we’ll be vulnerable to his return,” he concluded. “We can’t flinch.”

Courtesy/Source: People