5 Major Reasons Why Lord Hanuman Is Worshiped On Tuesday


FEBRUARY 20, 2024

Lord Hanuman Ji is one of the most venerated valiant Lords in Hinduism. He is the representation of courage, commitment, and strength because of his undying devotion to Lord Rama. In Hinduism, Tuesday – the second day of the week also has a lot of spiritual significance and it is also connected with Lord Hanuman.

Let us check out the 5 major reasons why Lord Hanuman is worshipped on Tuesdays.

5 Reasons Why Lord Hanuman Is Worshipped On Tuesday 

1. Special Day To Seek Blessings From Lord Hanuman 

According to Hindu texts, Tuesday is a very lucky day for worshiping Lord Hanuman to seek his blessings. Tuesdays are believed to be particularly powerful days for the deity’s favor, and those who offer earnest prayers on this day can get protection from evil forces as well as prosperity and well-being.

2. Role Of Mars 

Tuesday is named after the planet Mars, which in Vedic astrology is referred to as “Mangal.” Mars is seen as a strong celestial body that represents bravery, vigour, and resolve. Mars represents attributes that Lord Hanuman exemplifies with his enormous physical strength and indomitable spirit. Therefore, devotees think that worshiping Hanuman Ji on Tuesday will offer them the fortitude and resiliency needed to face life’s obstacles.

Lord Hanuman is synonymous with courage, valour and devotion. (Image Source: Canva)

3. Hanuman Jayanti And Tuesdays Are Related 

The festival of Lord Hanuman’s birth, known as Hanuman Jayanti, is commemorated on various occasions throughout India. But in many places, it falls on Tuesday, the day when Hanuman Ji is worshipped. As devotees swarm temples to celebrate Hanuman Ji’s birthday on Tuesday, the confluence of auspicious events heightens the significance of the day.

4. Lord Hanuman Corresponds Fire Element 

Since Lord Rama is regarded as the epitome of Dharma (goodness) and has a red complexion, Hanuman Ji is frequently linked to the fire element in Hindu mythology. Tuesday also resonates with the element of fire since it is associated with the planet Mars. The spiritual bond between Tuesday and Hanuman Ji is further strengthened by their harmonic alignment through the use of fire symbols.

5. Tuesdays Are Also Linked With Ramayana 

Tuesday is important to how things work out in the epic Ramayana. On this day, Goddess Sita was finally found in Lanka by Lord Hanuman, the devoted servant of Lord Rama, following a protracted search. This crucial occasion demonstrates Hanuman Ji’s steadfast commitment and heroic bravery. On Tuesdays, devotees visit Hanuman temples and recite passages from the Ramayana as a way of honouring this occasion.

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