Sadhguru backs THIS one habit can double mental strength in 24 hours


MAY 31, 2024

Your capacity to influence the world mostly rests on your ability to control your body and mind to achieve your objectives and, ultimately, control the environment in which you find yourself. The most important things, however, are that your mind and body work the way you want them to and to the best of your abilities. There are numerous ways to verify “the way you want” it to function.

Sadhguru’s tip for increasing intellect and sharpness of mind

In a viral video, the world-famous spiritual guru, Sadhguru has been explaining this one trick to double your mental clarity. In that interview video, Sadhguru reveals that the only habit to tame the mind and There is medical and scientific evidence today that if you’re pleasant for 24 hours without a moment of anxiety, irritation, agitation if you are just blissful for 24 hours, the sharpness of intellect could go up by 100 percent. Your body and mind functions way better medically and scientifically. You can prove it today your blood mystery will change. Everything about you will change if you just remain very joyful.

Your thoughts should be entirely directed toward your desires, yet how many unpleasant experiences do you personally have in a given day? There are many distinct kinds of unpleasantness, including annoyance, fury, agitation, tension, dread, and anxiety. In one way or another, if you experience discomfort five times a day, the effects last throughout the day. This isn’t a sign that something is amiss with you or the others in your immediate vicinity. It basically means that your mind is not listening to what you are trying to tell it.

Taking inspiration from this advice by Sadhguru, try staying stress free for a day and let us know if you experience any changes in your mood, intelligence or overall behavior.

Courtesy: TOI / PTI