Optical Illusion: What You See First Reveals Unconscious Elements Of Your Personality


MAY 20, 2024

Abstract images can reveal a lot about your hidden personality. As per research, there are many psychological benefits of viewing art. It boosts your creativity, makes you a better problem solver, and also helps keep your brain sharp. Like this optical illusion quiz. Based on what you see first, it‘ll reveal truths about you!

Look at this picture closely. What did you see first? Was it a face or a brain/tree, or birds? Tell us your answers and find hidden aspects about yourself!

This isn’t your ordinary personality test. Here, the first thing you see reveals a hidden truth about unconscious virtues. Let’s delve into the possibilities:

If You Saw A Face

Drawn to the face? You might prioritize crafting a public image. By accumulating experiences, achievements, and even carefully chosen social circles, you curate a persona you present to the world. This suggests a potential drive for external validation in your journey of self-actualization.

If You Saw A Brain/Tree

If the brain or tree captures your eye, you could possess an insatiable curiosity, much like a scholar seeking to unlock life’s biggest questions. You might find yourself constantly seeking knowledge, absorbing information like a detective piecing together a complex case. This approach indicates a path to self-discovery that prioritizes truth and understanding as the cornerstones of who you are.

If You Saw Birds/Nature

Perhaps the birds and nature call to you most. If so, you might crave freedom and a life rich with experiences. You could yearn to travel the world, seeking out novel adventures and immersing yourself in the beauty of nature. This suggests a focus on living in the present moment and finding your authentic self through exploration and unfiltered experiences.

This optical illusion is just a starting point. Reflect on these interpretations and see if they resonate with a part of you. Share this link with your friends and family and help them find out what their personality traits are!

Courtesy: Times Now / PTI