World’s largest aircraft Airbus A380 being directed off runway at Bengaluru Airport is a sight to behold: WATCH


DECEMBER 24, 2022

World’s largest aircraft Airbus A380.

The Airbus A380 is the largest passenger aircraft in the world and is no short of an engineering marvel. Although discontinued from production, the plane is still in service with several airlines, Emirates being the largest operator of A380 fleet. The aircraft is among the only two double decker planes in the world, the other one being the Boeing 747. The plane is so big that only a few airports in the world have the necessary infrastructure to accommodate and operate the A380. In India, the plane is a rare sight and can only land at Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru airports.

In fact, the Bengaluru International Airport witnessed the arrival of Emirates Airbus A380 very recently, in October 2022. The Kempegowda International Airport welcomed the first commercial flight of the world’s largest passenger aircraft to the south Indian city and had to be escorted by three ‘follow me’ vehicles off the runway.

The Emirates operated Airbus A380 recently made another visit to the Bengaluru Airport and the official Twitter handle of the airport has now shared a video of the aircraft being directed off the runway by the three follow me vehicles.

Emirates Airline is now operating the plane on the Dubai-Bengaluru route to meet the strong travel demand. At present, the Emirates operates the A380 to over 30 destinations across the globe and plans to deploy the popular aircraft to over 40 destinations by March 2023.

The Emirates launched its first Airbus A380 service in India on the Dubai-Mumbai route in 2014 and Bengaluru has become the second city in the country to be served by the iconic aircraft.

Courtesy/Source: Zee News / PTI