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Psychic who predicted Queen dying says ‘something awful’ will happen to Andrew


JANUARY 1, 2023

Craig Hamilton-Parker has made some unsettling predictions for 2023 (Picture: Craig-Hamilton Parker)

A psychic has warned of ‘difficult times ahead’ in 2023, predicting global food shortages, a revolution in China and a tragic accident within the royal family.

Craig Hamilton-Parker, dubbed the ‘new Nostradamus’, says he can see into the future and works with his wife Jane as spiritual mediums.

He correctly predicted the pandemic, Brexit, Donald Trump becoming president and even the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

Most recently, Craig saw a ‘vision’ of King Charles being hit by eggs, which came true weeks later.

The 68-year-old has been practicing the psychic arts since his early 20s after being inspired by Nadi astrologists during a visit to India.

But it’s not all bad news as Craig believes we will avoid World War Three in 2023 and in 2024, we will start shifting away from globalism, embrace sustainability and discover how to create energy out of nothing.

Craig believes King Charles will be a reforming king (Picture: Getty Images)

He told King Charles’ first year as monarch will go smoothly.

‘I see him as being a reforming king,’ he said.

‘Doing this not just to appeal to the British people but with a worldwide remit in mind by keeping Australia on board for example.

‘But I get some strange feelings about the coronation itself and about what they call the stone of scone.

‘The stone of scone was used during the old coronation of the Scottish kings that was stolen by Edward and brought back to Westminster and only in recent years was it given back to the Scots.

‘I have weird feelings about Scotland, some kind of protest or someone trying to steal the stone and its tied in within Scotland because I’ve had a vision of a red-faced Nicola Sturgeon.

‘In a deep meditation state recently and when in contact with my spirit guides Prince Andrew appeared and something awful happened to him.

‘I think he will go through a psychological breakdown and it really hits him with the death of his mother and I see King Charles turning against him.

‘He may do something like take an overdose but I didn’t see him dying.

Craig had a vision of a red-faced Nicola Sturgeon which is linked to King Charles’ coronation (Picture: AFP)

‘I also have feelings about the psychological health of King Charles and him admitting later in the year of a depression after the high of the coronation.’

Craig also predicts an accident happening to one of the royal household, who he feels will suffer from a fall, as well as an illness involving one of the royal children.

Craig reckons Prince Andrew may suffer a psychological breakdown or have an overdose (Picture: AP)

He also reckons Meghan Markle will also end up with her own Oprah-style chat show.

But he predicts Meghan’s relationship with Prince Harry will begin to fracture and they’ll eventually break-up, leading the duke to become a ‘deeply troubled’ man.

Craig believes Harry and Meghan’s relationship will begin to breakdown (Picture: Reuters)

Craig also predicts Kate will carry out a ‘spontaneous’ but ‘touching’ act which puts her life at risk, and she will be viewed as the new ‘star’ in the royal family.

Meanwhile, Kate will carry out a ‘spontaneous’ act which will ‘put her life at risk’ (Picture: PA)

He then talked about other pressing issues which are set to impact the nation.

Craig said: ‘The most pressing issue in 2023 will be food shortages which will start off in developing nations.

‘There are hints right now this is an issue but next year this is set to become more serious.

‘It will have a major impact on nations across the west which will also continue to battle with energy and living costs.’

Rishi Sunak might no longer be the prime minister in 2024 if Craig’s predictions come true (Picture: PA)

This is likely to have an impact on the party in power, as Craig predicts an early general election will be called as the Tory Party is set to be rocked by further scandal.

‘Not only will the Tories be decimated in an early general election, they will be forced to splinter off between left and right-wing factions, much like the SDP in the 1980s,’ he said.

‘It will be the end of the Tory Party as we know it.

‘I had a recent vision of Nigel Farage so I believe politics is set to turn either more left-wing or right-wing as trust in the two main parties shrinks.’

Away from home, Craig recently had a vision of two submarines crashing off the coast of Taiwan and explained what this means.

Craig predicts a full-on revolution in China (Picture: AP)

‘There will be full out war between Taiwan and China,’ he said.

‘Jane my wife also recently felt the energy of Sun Yat-Sen, the father of the Chinese nation.

‘Now he was instrumental in spearheading the Xinhai Revolution which overthrew the Qing dynasty.

‘This means full on revolution will return to China because of the increasing number of lockdown laws as well as spiraling mortgage rates.

‘Interestingly, I believe this will be started in Mongolia and while rumblings can be felt now this will escalate into full on revolution.’

War is set to continue in Ukraine but we will luckily avoid a World War Three scenario, Craig believes.

In even more concerning news, Craig recently had a vision of a power station on fire in Iran and said: ‘With a new government in power in Israel, tension in the Middle East will rise once again.

‘There will be an escalation in aggression between both Israel and Iran which will result in war.

Tension in the Middle East will rise once again (Picture: AFP via Getty Images)

‘I would say there are two difficult years ahead.

‘Into 2024 and beyond, I sense a new consciousness will take hold across the world, against globalism and an embrace of sustained harmony centred around sustainability and environmentalism.

‘We will discover how to create energy out of nothing and this will do wonders for the human race into the latter part of this decade.’

Craig posts about his predictions on his website and on his Youtube channel.

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