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Man Buys Food for ‘Clueless’ Indian Couple Flying for First Time, Shares Heartfelt Story on LinkedIn


NOVEMBER 4, 2022

In today’s fast-paced world, helping someone in need is greatly appreciated. And Chief Inspiration Officer of Yuva Unstoppable, Amitabh Shah did just that. Amitabh assisted an elderly couple in taking their first flight. Not only that, but he even bought them food without telling them. Shah’s heartwarming story, which he shared on his Linkedin profile, has now gone viral.

Amitabh Shah, posted a photo of the couple and shared that he was flying from Delhi to Kanpur when he noticed an elderly couple from a remote village in Uttar Pradesh struggling at the airport. Mr Shah revealed that the couple had a long journey, taking an eight-hour bus ride to the Delhi airport before boarding a flight to Kanpur. “I saw them in the boarding area completely clueless and could tell it was their first time & they didn’t understand English. I walked up to them with a smile and asked them to simply follow me. They thought I worked for the airline,” mentioned Amitabh.

Shah added, “Inside the flight, they were seated just in front of me. The aunty asked me – ‘Can you pls take our picture and send it to our daughter who has a phone with WhatsApp – so she knows we are safe?’ I took this pic & sent it”.

Shah continued by saying that he bought the pair sandwiches and juice without telling them because they appeared hungry and thirsty. “When the air hostess came to serve food, they declined but clearly seemed hungry and thirsty for hours. I told the air hostess to give them paneer sandwiches and juices & to tell them it was complimentary as they were lucky customers to win a free meal. Of course, I paid for it when they were not seeing,” he further wrote in the post.

“They simply ‘smiled’ at me as we landed and went our own ways. This magical Thursday, we should always be kind at every opportunity we get, & trust me opportunities to be kind are all around you, aren’t they?”

Take a look at this heartwarming post below:

On seeing this post, several social media users went on to praise Amitabh for his act of kindness. One of the users wrote, “Amitabh Shah absolutely brilliant gesture. Proud of you Young Man! This action of the young Indian generation will take our culture of respect for elders very high”. Another user wrote, “Amitabh Shah You absolutely did a very great job and we can see that from the smile on their face. You surely did your part to make their experience far better”. “Great! Awesome,” wrote a third user.

The post has received over 24,000 likes and various reactions on LinkedIn.

Courtesy/Source: News18 / PTI