‘How Dare You Threaten My Daughter’: Father Gets Riled Up On Flight, Sparks Discussion On Mid-Air Etiquette


JULY 4, 2023

Fights and verbal altercations on planes in India have become a common occurrence. A new video of some man or woman shouting at the top of their lungs reaches the halls of the internet and gains viral craze as people keep on questioning the civility of desis in mid-air.

Father Causes Ruckus Mid-Air On Flight To Defend Daughter

A new viral video taking the internet by storm captures two passengers engaging in a heated argument as the crew on the flight toils hard to make the passengers calm down and act civil. The video, now roaming around social media, was taken on a Vistara plane from Mumbai to Dehradun on June 25.

In the 27-second clip, a man is seen aggressively charging at another man sitting across an aisle from him. As the man shouts at the passenger sitting far away at the top of his lungs, a woman, presumably his wife, stops him from engaging in a brawl and sits him down by tugging on his shirt.

While all this is happening, a young girl’s shrill voice fills the plane’s air. This girl was the agitated man’s daughter, sitting far apart from the rest of her family. According to Vistara’s statement, “A passenger got disturbed by a young passenger sitting in the row behind him. The said passenger questioned the behaviour, to which the parents of the young passenger objected.”

This led to a verbal altercation. It was “settled amicably upon the intervention of the Vistara’s cabin crew onboard. The remainder of the journey after that was completed peacefully.” A spokesperson also confirmed, “This matter pertains to an argument between two passengers on Vistara flight UK852 going from Mumbai to Dehradun on June 25, 2023.”

The Men Spared The Cabin Crew

From the looks of it, the cabin crew was doing their best to calm the situation down while the father was at it with no sign of stopping. This was when the crew called on the captain to settle the issue.

Even though the father was visibly angry at the other passenger and was heard shouting at the top of his lungs, “How dare you threaten my daughter?” He was not aggressive towards the crew members trying to solve the issue at hand.

The internet was up in arms after watching the video. After a quick sweep of the comments on the video, anyone would find out that the people on the internet were rarely in favour of the girl shouting in the clip. Everyone agreed that this was just another case of a spoiled brat whom the people named, “Papa ki pari.”

Courtesy/Source: IndiaTimes / PTI