Ex-Google employee says he wanted to work at the company till retirement, loses job after 2.5 years of service


OCTOBER 9, 2023

Alphabet, Google’s parent company, announced laying off hundreds of people from its recruiting team last month. Even though the exact number of impacted employees hasn’t yet been known, many people came forward to share their side of the story. While announcing the layoffs, Alphabet had said that the decision to let go of “a few hundred” employees was not a “part of a wide-scale layoff”. The company had also said that it will “retain a significant majority of the team for hiring critical roles”. In addition to this, Alphabet announced helping the impacted employees to look for other roles from “within the company and elsewhere”.

Sharing about their experience of working at Google, some former employees wrote on LinkedIn that they will be missing their colleagues and workplace. Others, meanwhile, were grateful to have had the opportunity of working at the tech giant. One such employee wrote on LinkedIn that he wanted to work at the company till his retirement.

Google employee shares note on losing job

Beginning his post, the man wrote that he thought that he would be working at Google till he retires. However, he was affected by the recent mass layoffs carried out at the company. The man also mentions how the layoffs were not related to performance and that he got the news right before heading into the second half of his paternity leave.

Ending his note on a rather positive note, the ex-Google employee wrote that he would come back and work for the company ‘”in a fraction of a heartbeat” and that it is a “magical place with remarkable people.”

“Thought I’d be working for Google until I retire, but alas. I’m gutted to share that I am among so many talented Recruiters who were impacted by another round of (non-performance-related) #layoffs. This is a few weeks before I was scheduled to head out on my second half of paternity leave. But hey, “at-will” means “at-will,” and I get it. I’d join the company again in a fraction of a heartbeat given the opportunity.

“It’s truly a magical place with remarkable people. Thank you, #Google and #Googlers for everything! I’m optimistic because I know the value I bring to the table, and I’m hoping to share a celebratory update sooner rather than later,” he wrote.

About Google layoffs

Before laying off people from the HR team, Google had announced its decision to let go of 12,000 people in January this year. A couple of months later, Google fired people in its Waze mapping app department as they began integrating the app into Google Maps products. Chris Philips, who heads the Geo unit of Google, informed employees about the layoffs decision via an email.

Courtesy: India Today / PTI