Universe doomed to evaporate? Stunning new claim on Stephen Hawking’s famous theory


JUNE 4, 2023


Legendary later scientist Stephen Hawking had given the world a theory on how black holes reach their death. In fact, he made the famous prediction in 1974, of black holes evaporating to their death. Now, a new study has made a stunning claim about our entire universe doomed to the same fate.

The origin and the likely end of the universe are two of the biggest questions that astronomy is still to answer. Consequently, several scientists are immersed in studies to figure out the possible end.

The latest theory is that the entire universe could evaporate into thin space. Published in the Physical Review Letters journal, the study is from Radboud University scientists who were analysing Hawking’s famous blackhole theory. The phenomenon he predicted is now called Hawking radiation. The observation of this claim further fortified Hawking as a genius.

As per the author of the study Heino Falcke, radiation like Hawking predicted is also a property of objects other than blackholes like dead stars and other large objects in the universe that do not have an event horizon. “That would lead to everything in the universe eventually evaporating, just like black holes,” it has been claimed.

Further calculations and evidence through observation are next steps to confirm the claim. If it is all true, the universe could be doomed to such a fate. Nevertheless, it would be a long time before such a phenomenon occurs. So we are pretty safe for now.

Courtesy/Source: DNA / PTI