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Father and Son Film a UFO Over the California Desert


AUGUST 8, 2022

It disappeared and reappeared several times!

When talking about UFOs, it’s important to remember that it’s not necessarily a question of aliens from outer space. UFO literally means “unidentified flying object.” In fact, the term has been shifting recently, and many prefer to use “unidentified aerial phenomena” or UAP, to refer to these things in the sky that are utter unknowns.

Researchers in this field have described five unexplained and seemingly impossible characteristics that true UFOs or UAPs seem to share, including anti-gravity lift, sudden and instantaneous acceleration, hypersonic velocities without signatures, low observability, or “cloaking”, and trans-medium motion. Though this video is of poor quality, the weird behavior exhibited by the object meets several of these criteria.

The video has been massively zoomed in, so all that is truly visible is a ball of glare. It is impossible to tell if this is a winged aircraft, a flying saucer, or even a balloon. Additionally, the object went on to exhibit some truly unusual behavior, such as “winking out of existence” multiple times. This is in keeping with the “low observability or cloaking” pattern exhibited by many UFOs.

The man taking the video claims he began filming after his son noticed this thing in the sky appearing and disappearing in different places. This might be an indication of trans-medium motion (i.e. shifting in and out of the Earth’s atmosphere and thus his field of vision) as well as the unexplained “instant acceleration” that even military pilots have noted during encounters with UAPs.

While it could be nothing more than sun rays glinting off a conventional aircraft or weather balloon that makes it seem visible or invisible, there are enough questions remaining about this sighting to warrant further investigation.

Courtesy/Source: Exemplore