Panchang will work to awaken Indian self-respect: Delhi University Vice-Chancellor


APRIL 28, 2023

Events like the solar eclipses and tides do not happen according to the Georgian calendar, the All India Sampark Pramukh of RSS, Ram Lal, said, adding that these events are described in the Panchang. The Vice-Chancellor of the University of Delhi, Prof Yogesh Singh, in his presidential address, said that the Panchang will work to awaken Indian self-respect.

The first historical panchang prepared by the University of Delhi in its centenary year was released on Friday, April 28, at the university’s Convention Hall. Ram Lal attended as the chief guest.

The program was presided over by Prof Yogesh Singh. A program focused on the topic ‘Panchang and Indian Knowledge Tradition’ was also organized by the Value Addition Courses Committee of the University.

“Our Panchang is linked to the Moon, while the Georgian calendar is linked to the sun,” Ram Lal said, adding, “Panchang is not only related to mathematics, but agriculture and health are also related to it. He said that the Georgian calendar consists only of Tithi and Vaar, while the Panchang consists of five parts – besides importance to only tithi (date) and vaar (day) of the western-style calendar – the Indian almanac has Tithi, Vaar, Karan, Nakshatra and Yoga as well as all festivals and important dates.”

Expressing confidence about the Panchang of the University of Delhi, he said that many institutions bring out Panchangs, but when an established institution like the DU comes with it, it adds special significance.

Citing the rich Indian knowledge tradition, he said that India has a lot to offer, but unfortunately, there has been an attempt to understand India from the eyes of the world. India was never understood from the point of view of India, he said.

He expressed confidence that this Panchang would be helpful in understanding India from the point of view of India.

He said that India struggled for a thousand years and the British looted, divided and tried to create an inferiority complex in the country. Unfortunately, the same line is still being followed in many ways today, he added.

Religion in India means duty, Ram Lal said, adding, “That which brings welfare to others is religion. It is not related to any caste, religion and creed, but it is related to public welfare.”

Industrialist and philanthropist Arvind Kumar Gupta, who arrived as a special guest at the ceremony, congratulated the University of Delhi for this historic initiative.

Prof Singh thanked the Value Addition Courses Committee of the University for preparing this almanac and social worker Arvind Kumar Gupta for sponsoring it. He further said that this is the India of the 21st century. “Now is the time to awaken self-respect by connecting with Indian knowledge and tradition,” he said, adding, “This Panchang of DU is an example of this.”

The panchang will have monthly predictions and detailed information about all festivals, eclipses, dates etc. He said that the National Education Policy 2020 is based on Indian knowledge tradition only.

The centenary panchang was distributed for free to everyone present.

Courtesy/Source: India Today / PTI