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Pratiksha Tondwalkar: Woman who once worked as a sweeper is now AGM at India’s largest bank


AUGUST 1, 2022

Pune resident Pratiksha Tondwalkar currently holds the position of Assistant General Manager (AGM) at the bank where she previously served as a sweeper. Don’t be shocked. Everything is feasible if you put in the necessary effort and genuine dedication. Yes, it can take a while. For Pratiksha, who was born in 1964, all of this was not a one-day miracle; her accomplishment is the result of years of adversity and hard work.

Pratiksha got married at the age of just 17. Her husband passed away when he was only 20 years old. Due to a lack of proper education, finding a job was also challenging for her.

Pratiksha began working as a sweeper at SBI in order to pay for household costs and graduate from high school. She later received her degree and kept on studying. She was promoted from sweeper to clerk after demonstrating her commitment and diligence, and this process did not end there. She later received a promotion to scale 4, then to CGM, and most recently, to AGM.

Pratiksha was also honoured by the State Bank of India for her incredible accomplishments due to her perseverance, commitment, and sincere diligence.

With the aid of her funds, Pratiksha enrolled in the night college in Mumbai’s Vikhroli. She received assistance from her coworkers as she studied and earned her psychology degree in 1995. At that point, she received a promotion to bank clerk.

Pratiksha has two more years left before retiring. Despite the fact that her 37-year employment with SBI was successful, she still has a long way to go.

Pratiksha graduated from a naturopathy programme in 2021, and after retiring she plans to use her education to help others.

The story of Pratiksha is remarkable in India’s heavily male-dominated banking industry. Women, who are frequently socially repressed, have had to go above and beyond to advance their careers while still having to take care of their families.

Courtesy/Source: WION / PTI