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Read first statement by US president-elect Joe Biden about PM Modi and India


NOVEMBER 18, 2020

In what can be considered a major event today and a big success at the same time, US President-elect Joe Biden spoke to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the phone and he had a number of things to say and discuss. The exchange between Biden and Modi went off in a brilliant manner and indications are that the Indian and American relationship will grow stronger with both of these democratic countries standing together in the face of many challenges, especially posed by Covid-19 pandemic, an aggressive China and more.

The conversation started very well with PM Modi congratulating Joe Biden on his magnificent win in the US election when he ended up beating current US President Donald Trump. PM Modi also congratulated Vice president elect Kamala Harris on her win too. She is the first vice president in the US of South Asian descent. Harris is of Indian origin. PM Modi reiterated India’s commitment to stand by the Indo-US strategic partnership.

In first statement by Joe Biden, in the form of a statement released by his transition team, said, “The president-elect noted that he looks forward to working closely with the prime minister on shared global challenges, including containing COVID-19 and defending against future health crises, tackling the threat of climate change, launching the global economic recovery, strengthening democracy at home and abroad, and maintaining a secure and prosperous Indo-Pacific region.”

In addition, it was revealed that Joe Biden “expressed his desire to strengthen and expand the US-India strategic partnership alongside the first vice president of South Asian descent.” This was a clear reference to the role Kamala Harris may play in strengthening the Indo-US relationship.

After the interaction, PM Modi took to Twitter to say, “Spoke to US President-elect Joe Biden on phone to congratulate him. We reiterated our firm commitment to the Indo-US strategic partnership and discussed our shared priorities and concerns – Covid-19 pandemic, climate change, and cooperation in the Indo-Pacific Region.”

PM added, “I also conveyed warm congratulations for Vice President-elect Kamala Harris. Her success is a matter of great pride and inspiration for members of the vibrant Indian-American community, who are a tremendous source of strength for Indo-US relations.”

Courtesy/Source: Zee Business