India rejects Chinese demand for equidistant disengagement in Pangong Tso lake area


AUGUST 23, 2020

India has rejected China’s demand to disengage by equal distance near Pangong Tso lake area as it would mean “loss of territory for its own side”, sources in the government sources said.

“The Chinese have suggested that to resolve the dispute in the Finger Area both sites should show disengagement equidistantly to create a buffer zone,” top government sources told Aajtak and India Today TV.

According to the sources, India wanted the Chinese People’s Liberation Army to disengage completely from the Finger 4 and Finger 5 area, and move back to its original location in the SiriJap area.

India and China have been engaged in a stand-off position at Pangong Tso’s Finger Area for more than three months now after the Chinese transgressed into multiple areas in the garb of an exercise being held in its side of Line of Actual Control (LAC) in the Xinjiang province.

Sources said that now both the sides will further resolve the issue through more military-level talks which are planned to be held in the upcoming days.

Meanwhile, India’s top military brass has also conveyed a message to the field commanders that they should be ready for any eventuality or action in view of the ongoing stand-off on the Line of Actual Control.

During the proposed military talks, Pangong Tso lake, which has been the biggest flashpoint between the two troops, is likely to be the main focus of the meeting. The PLA troops have been camping at Finger 5 area of the lake that has been under India’s control previously.

The tensions between India and China have been on the rise for almost three months now in the Eastern Ladakh area over construction activities. China has been raising objections to the Indian infrastructure projects in the Eastern Ladakh region and has built up troops in disputed locations to pressurise India to stop any kind of work there.

Courtesy/Source: India Today