Here’s How Much You Have to Pay for Flight Tickets if You Travel from May 25 to August 24


MAY 21, 2020

At the recently held press conference, Civil Aviation Minister Hardeep Singh Puri highlighted the detailed plan to resume the domestic air services in India. 

As per the govt’s order, only one-third flights of the total scheduled flights of respective airlines will be allowed to fly starting May 25. Since there will be limited flights operational, airlines can charge high ticket prices from the customers.

To cap the pricing, the Civil Aviation Ministry has directed all air carriers to adhere to the lower and upper limits of fares prescribed by it during the period of COVID- 19 pandemic. The said fare structure has been decided such that both airlines and flyers benefit from the ticket price.

The pricing has been decided basis the flight duration, which is divided into 7 sections. The pricing is applicable from May 25 to August 24, however the number of flights can be increased eventually given the response from flyers.

Here’s the minimum and maximum flight prices as decided by the govt:

Less than 40 min: Minimum Rs 2000 and Maximum Rs 6000

40-60 min: Minimum Rs 2500 and Maximum Rs 7500

60-90 min: Minimum Rs 3000 and Maximum Rs 9000

90-120 min: Minimum Rs 3500 and Maximum Rs 10000

120-150 min: Minimum Rs 4500 and Maximum Rs 13000

150-180 min: Minimum Rs 5500 and Maximum Rs 15700

180-210 min: Minimum Rs 6500 and Maximum Rs 18600

These prices are for economy class and exclusive of UDF, PSF and GST. Govt has also instructed the airlines to book at least 40 percent ticket under the mean average price of selected category.

On the busiest route like Delhi-Mumbai sector, pricing will be capped from Rs 3,500 to Rs 10,000. This pricing will be applicable from May 25 to August 24. To check that airlines are not selling tickets at higher price, 40 percent of the tickets will be sold below the mean average of Rs 3,500- Rs 10,000 price capping.

Courtesy/Source: News18