Coronavirus pandemic: Google employees will not return to office before June 1, says Sundar Pichai


APRIL 29, 2020

Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai said on Tuesday that the Google employees will not return to offices before June 1 due to the coronavirus pandemic. The company had sent an email to its employees informing them about the same, reports CNBC.

The entire world is battling coronavirus pandemic and at a time like this, Pichai doesn’t want his employees to rush to work. The company is weighing all the possibilities but said that the return to office will be “staggered”.

In the mail obtained by CNBC, Pichai had told its employees that their return to office will be incremental and staggered but none of that will happen before June 1. Google is headquartered in the United States’ California, where the number of COVID-19 cases has gone up to 45,031 and there have been 1809 deaths so far.

The United States is one of the most badly affected countries at the moment. It infects tops the list of countries with most coronavirus cases and the toll has crossed 1,035,765.

In the mail, Pichai wrote, “Not everyone at a site will go back at once. There will be no one-size-fits-all approach, and the specific guidance will vary from location to location.” Google interestingly was one of the first tech giants to suggest employees to work from home in March to contain the coronavirus spread. Google’s model was followed by various other companies.

“I know that many of you have questions about what a return to the office might look like, and when. The six counties around Google’s headquarters in California have just announced an extension to the stay-at-home order through the end of May, while many other localities around the world are issuing their own guidance,” Pichai’s mail to his employees read.

Pichai also issued special instructions for employees who take care of family members with “special considerations”. He said that such employees will not have to return immediately. They can work from home by coordinating with their managers. The Google honcho said that some departments of the company will function remotely and even host online events even when the situation gets better and the lockdowns are lifted.

In his mail, Pichai also thanked his employees who worked onsite in such difficult conditions. He wrote, “For those of you currently working onsite to provide critical services to keep our products, offices and data centers running, thank you! Your work has made it possible for us to help millions of others. I am grateful for everything our global teams are doing to deliver on our mission under these difficult circumstances.”

Courtesy/Source: India Today