‘Those defeated using pseudo means to fuel terrorism’: Indian PM Modi on Kargil War


JULY 27, 2019

NEW DELHI – Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday, speaking at a Kargil Diwas commemorative function, remembered his visit to the mountains in Kargil when the war with Pakistan was at its peak. The PM praised the valour of the soldiers.

“Kargil victory was the victory of bravery of our sons and daughters. It was victory of India’s strength and patience. It was victory of India’s sanctity and discipline. It was victory of every Indian’s expectations,” said the PM.

Speaking at a commemorative function in New Delhi, the Prime Minister remembered his visit to the mountains in Kargil when the war with Pakistan was at its peak.

“I had gone to Kargil 20 years ago when war was at its peak, the enemy was playing its games sitting on high peaks. Death was staring in the face yet our jawans carrying the tricolour wanted to reach the valley before anyone,” said the PM.

Reflecting on the changing nature of war, the PM, without taking Pakistan’s name, said those who were defeated in the war were using other means to fuel terrorism.

“Nature of war has changed, today humanity and the world is a victim of pseudo war, terrorism is challenging the whole of mankind. Those defeated in war are using pseudo war to fulfil their political objectives and encouraging terrorism,” said the PM.

Underlining the importance his government gives to defence, PM Modi listed several decisions taken in favour of the defence forces.

“Our government took decision to implement OROP, which was pending since decades. Right after our government was formed this time, we took decision to raise scholarship of martyrs’ children,” said PM Modi.

Courtesy/Source: Hindustan Times


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