Reliance unveils JioGlass with AR and VR modes: What is it, how to get it and more


OCTOBER 30, 2023

Reliance showed off its Jio smart glass at the IMC 2023 tech event in Delhi. The telecom operator is seemingly expanding its wings into different categories to woo users. The company now not only sells a feature phone, but also laptops, broadband devices, gaming controllers, smartphones, and more. Now, Reliance has introduced its smart glass, which the company is calling JioGlass. Here are the details.

Reliance unveils JioGlass with AR, VR modes: What is it? Features?

Imagine wearing a pair of glasses that weigh just around 75 grams. That’s JioGlass for you. But, with smart features. These futuristic-looking specs sport a sleek metallic frame and two lenses. You can connect them to your smartphone using a USB-C cable, which also serves as a power source for the device. The company is also said to provide support for wireless connectivity, and this might be added in the future.  But, you can use your connected smartphone as a virtual controller for the JioGlass.

Now, here’s where it gets interesting. JioGlass can turn your smartphone screen into a whopping 100-inch virtual display, creating a screen that seems like it’s floating right in front of your eyes. Each eye gets a 1080p display. The JioGlass has a detachable flap, which once removed people can enjoy Augmented Reality (AR) content. With the flap on, users will be able to see Virtual Reality (VR) content. It even has trackpad controls to adjust volume or virtual screen brightness.

In addition to these, there are two speakers on the sides for a better audio experience, with built-in support for spatial audio. One will also find a microphone to let you attend voice calls too. The company claims that users will get up to three hours of runtime with the JioGlass. It features a 4,000mAh battery under the hood.

JioGlass: What is the price and when will it go on sale?

The company will launch two versions – one for consumers and the second one for enterprises. Reliance is yet to reveal the price and availability details of the new JioGlass device. It is being said that the Jio smart glass could be made available later this year, suggesting that we could see it in the market in the next two months.

JioGlass early access available, here is how

The device is listed as ‘Coming Soon’ on the Tesseract’s website, which is currently running an Early Access Programme on its platform. Those interested in getting early access apply for it in their official website. But, do keep in mind that you will be required to share some details, including name, business email, organisation name, and more to sign up for the Early Access Programme.

Courtesy: India Today / PTI