‘You may be captain of Indian cricket team, but hardly matters to them’: MS Dhoni’s quirky take on being a husband


OCTOBER 30, 2023

MS Dhoni is an expert on all things on-field. He is ‘Captain Cool’ for a reason after all! But, did you know Dhoni is ‘Captain Cool’ off-field and at home too?

In a conversation with comedian Tanmay Bhat and finfluencer Sharan Hegde, at Prabhav 2023, an event organised by Rigi app, Dhoni gave some tips and insights to all the unmarried men in the audience. He spoke of his married life and how his wife is the one who runs things and the family. Dhoni also said that his wife, as well as his mother, are experts in running the house on a budget. While talking about stability at his home-life, Dhoni also cracked a few jokes.

“I feel, as a man, all the masala in our life comes from the wife. She keeps our life going. You may be the captain of the Indian cricket team or the ex-captain, but it hardly matters to them,” said Dhoni, agreeing that it is a grounding factor.

“You have a place in the house and usually it is not your choice,” said Dhoni light-heartedly, adding that wives make you do things their way but make you believe that it is your decision. “They also help us in a big way…life is chaotic, as you said. Imagine there is a trainer in the house who is training you to control that chaos by creating chaos inside the house,” he quipped.

Dhoni said that jokes apart, wives are the ones who run the family. “But whatever said and done, we all joke about it, that’s a common thing. But they are the pillar of strength in the family. Whether it is my wife or if I see my mom, they are the ones who run the family,” he said.

The former Indian skipper said that he came from a middle-class family, where his father used to bring in the salary and never asked his mother how she planned on running the family. “She has a budget and she has to run the full 30 days or whatever. They are excellent at it. I feel that they are the ones who bring comfort into our family…you always fall back on them. You can ask them anything. Often when I am frustrated, I take my frustration out on them…which is not a good thing…and I eventually have to pay a heavy price…but that’s how life is,” he said.

He then urged the men in the audience to get married if they have met someone they are happy with.

Dhoni married Sakshi Singh Rawat in 2010 in Dehradun. The wedding was a private affair and included close family and friends. MS Dhoni and Sakshi Dhoni have an eight-year old daughter, Zeeva Dhoni.

MS Dhoni also spoke about the Indian cricket team’s performance at the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023, and said that the team is rather balanced and very strong.

Courtesy:  Business Today / PTI