Bill Gates’ guide to a brilliant memory; Here’s the exercise he swears


FEBRUARY 12, 2023

Here’s how Bill Gates keeps himself fit.

Our brain gets many exercises every day. Some of those activities may help in boosting brain function and connectivity, while others help in protecting the brain from age-related degeneration. The brain is always active, even while you are sleeping. However, there are ways that can engage the brain in new ways, potentially leading to improvements in memory, cognitive function, or creativity.

We often try to take help from Google or follow studies to understand ways to improve our memories. Those methods mostly fail to work. Keeping that in mind, we decided to decode Microsoft creator and billionaire Bill Gates’ help. He is one of the sharpest minds in history.

Here are tips to have a brilliant memory:

In his blog GatesNotes, he wrote, “Sometimes people have suggested that I have a ‘ photographic memory,’ especially when talking about topics that interest me, like science and business. It’s a nice compliment, but it’s not really true. Not even close.”

Bill Gates said, contrary to popular opinion, his memory isn’t photographic or eidetic (both incredibly rare forms of memory). He also claimed that he can, to this day, can remember the first line of the software he created years ago. He suggested that a strengthened brain should be able to accomplish that and one should understand that the minds treat certain things as a priority.

Explaining why visualization exercises are key, Bill Gates said, “People who win memory contests use certain techniques to visualize things, techniques developed mainly in ancient Greece. They talk about what they do like building a memory palace; they literally visualize a house with many rooms and different people and things in each room, representing what they are trying to remember.”

Here’s how it works:

To understand this better, consider how Sherlock Holmes creates the ‘mind palace’ to solve the almost unsolvable cases that come to him. Similarly, when you take a name or piece of information and link it to an image or an element that you can recall easily. It will lead you to the fact you’d like to bring back to mind.

Bill Gates explained that this can be most useful when you put it into regular practice instead of treating it like a one-off. It will help you in getting used to using cues and clues and almost never forget the things you learn.

Courtesy/Source: The Financial Express