US Couple Who Was Married for 79 Years Passes Away Hours Apart


DECEMBER 9, 2022

A US couple, who was married for 79 years and had stayed by each other’s side in every stage of their life, did not stay apart even in death. The couple identified to be Hubert and June Malicote were both 100 years old and died just hours apart from each other. During an interaction with Dayton Daily News, the couple’s son, Sam, said that the duo “went out together.” It was after hosting a Thanksgiving pizza party for her family, that Juen Malicote fell gravely ill. She was moved to the hospital to receive end-of-life care.

Her husband Hubert “fell apart quickly” after, said the late couple’s 76-year-old son. Reportedly, Hubert’s health deteriorated after watching June’s condition. The family then moved Hubert for hospice care in the same room as his beloved partner. The couple was reportedly unconscious during their last moments but held on to each other’s hands. On November 30, around 9.15 pm Hubert passed away peacefully. About 20 hours after, even June transitioned to the heavenly abode as her death time was reported to be 5.40 pm on December 1.

The couple’s son stated that he feels sad but he shouldn’t be as his parents lived a long happy life together. “I feel sad, but I shouldn’t. Who can expect to live a life like that? They lived a long, happy life together and they were devoted to God and the family,” he said. Hubert who was born in 1922, married June in 1948, as per a previous report by NBC’s station WLWT. Seemingly, the duo met each other in a church in 1941 when they used to live in Kentucky.

Reportedly, Hubert enlisted himself in the Navy but the lovebirds stayed in touch throughout the time, he fought in the war. The couple would get to see each other only for a brief period of 13 days when Hubert would be commissioned on leaves from his post. It was during his second return home, that Hubert decided to pop the question. The couple got hitched even after having no idea when Hubert will return home the next time.

After his safe return by the end of World War II, Hubert and June moved to Ohio to live a happy life together. The couple shared three children together Sam, Jo, and Theresa. The couple is survived by their three kids, seven grandchildren, and eleven great-grandchildren.

Courtesy/Source: News18 / PTI