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Mahindra Thar owner sentenced to jail for modifications, here’s what court has said


NOVEMBER 21, 2022

Mahindra Thar owner from Kashmir, Adil Farooq Bhat, has been sentenced a 6 month jail term by Srinagar traffic court due to illegal modification. As per a report by Cartoq, the court has also directed RTO to revert the Mahindra Thar back to stock state by removing all the aftermarket modifications. For those who are unaware, almost all car modifications in India are illegal as per the latest Motor Vehicle Act. Even minor modifications such as auxiliary lights are illegal in India and can land the vehicle owner in jail.

It is worth noting that although the owner of seized Mahindra Thar, Adil Farooq Bhat, has been sentence by the court, he will not have to go to jail. As per judgment by Additional Special Mobile Magistrate (Traffic), Srinagar, Bhat will have to execute a bond of Rs. 2 lakh. In addition this, he will have to stay under probation for two years. The Thar owner in this case will not have to go to jail “Since the offence does not involve any moral turpitude and the violator has not been previously convicted and having regard to his age and antecedents the purpose of the justice shall be served if the case is considered under probation of offenders Act, and accused is given benefit of probation.”

According to the courts judgement, “There are mainly two reasons why people violate these rules; one, lack of awareness and second, no strict action against the violators, therefore it is imperative to educate the people on the subject and simultaneously strict action as warranted under law must be taken against the violators.”

Mahindra Thar has created a cult in Indian automobile segment over the years and its highly unlikely for its owner to keep the car stock. The car is quite popular for its range of modifications. There are dedicated markets in India that only customized Mahindra Thar.

Courtesy/Source: DNA