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Home Asia Indians saving Rs 4000 per month from their data expenses: PM Modi

Indians saving Rs 4000 per month from their data expenses: PM Modi


OCTOBER 1, 2022

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said that an Indian saves around Rs 4000 per month from his data expenses when one compares present data prices to the priced way back in 2014. PM Modi said that while 1GB of data used to cost Rs 300 in 2014, today it costs around Rs 10 per GB.

“India now has the world’s lowest data charges. 1GB of data used to cost around Rs 300 in 2014. Tariffs have come down to Rs 10 per GB at present. On average, people consume around 14 GB of data per month today. These 14 GB data would have cost Rs 4,200 in 2014 but it costs around Rs 150 to Rs 200 today. Thus, an Indian saves around Rs 4000 per month,” said PM Modi.

PM Modi further said, “The cost of data in India has remained very low due to the efforts of our government. It is a different matter that we did not make a fuss about it, did not give big advertisements. We focused on how to increase the convenience of the people of the country, and increase the ease of living.”

The prime minister also said that 5G marks the dawn of a new era and presents a sea of opportunities. He said that while the nation was dependent on foreign countries for technology for 2G, 3G and 4G telecom services, India has created history with 5G. The Prime Minister said his government’s vision for ‘Digital India’ was founded on four pillars — the cost of devices, digital connectivity, data cost and the digital-first approach.

He also said that the government’s various initiatives have led to an increase in mobile manufacturing units in India from just two in 2014 to over 200 now. He said that this has not only brought down the cost of smartphones but also led to people getting better features at low prices.

Courtesy: Zee News / PTI