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Desis Discuss Things Glorified In Indian Society That Are Actually Choking Them


SEPTEMBER 26, 2022

There are a lot of things that the older generations were okay with which the younger generation disagrees with. However toxic these may be, they are glorified as the only acceptable way of living your life and we are expected to adhere to it, even if it messes up with our health, mind or life. It’s almost suffocating.

Someone on Reddit asked people of India what they feel is romanticized and glamorized in our society with respect to career, relationship and life at large.

Desis responded to the post titled, “What are something in India that shouldn’t be glorified?” with the most thought-provoking answers.

Here are the best responses:

1. Obeying Adults Blindly

We have all been compelled to question the beliefs of our parents but we live in a society where asking a question and even explaining something, even respectfully, is considered as ‘answering back/talking back’ to them.

2. Sleep Deprivation

If you burn an all-nighter for work or a college assignment, you are lauded for it instead of being discouraged to put your work over health and sleep.

3. Lack Of Work-Life Balance

If you get a job by telling the interviewer that your weakness is that you work a lot or are a workaholic, you signed up for a workplace that glorifies having no work-life balance, which is what most Indian workplaces do, sadly.

4. Staying In A Bad Marriage

People who make their bad marriage work and do not bring shame to their ‘khandaan’ by leaving their abusive and toxic partners are praised in India, while even uttering the word divorce is a big crime.

5. Keeping Mum About Taboo Topics Like Sex

We are a county of 138 crore people but those who talk about sex are labelled as ‘shameless’ by society. Keeping your children away from sex and sex education is glorified and the right way of parenting.

6. Being A Doctor

Every desi parent has emotionally blackmailed their kids into taking MBBS at least once in their life because being a doctor is considered among one of the few socially acceptable jobs for Indian kids, according to their parents.

7. Living With Family As Adults

The ‘Hum Saath Saath Hain’ syndrome is real in India and children who move out leaving their parents on their own are seen as ruthless kids no parent deserves.

No matter how toxic, abusive or dysfunctional your family is, you have to stay with them under one roof till eternity.

This thread is a mirror which made us realize we also have come to terms with these things and see them as normal but that shouldn’t be the case. What do you think?

Courtesy/Source: MenXP