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‘Doesn’t These Hurt Sentiments’, Prakash Raj On Ganesha Idols Inspired By PM Narendra Modi & RSS



Prakash Raj shared some of these photos that also included Idols inspired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and RSS.

The festival of Ganesh Chaturthi this year has seen many idols inspired by various things, especially Bollywood films. From Yash’s KGF to Ram Charan’s RRR and Allu Arjun’s Pushpa: The Rise, pictures of several idols in Pandals have been doing the rounds.

Taking to Twitter, he asked his followers why nobody has a problem with this. “Doesn’t these hurt our sentiments,” he asked. 

Lord Ganesha idols inspired by KGF and Pushpa have been slammed by many people saying that their sentiments have been hurt as these idols are mocking the god. Some of them even pointed out that these characters are gangsters and goons in the movies. “Y’all are okay to see Ganpati as a smuggler and a criminal?” asked a Twitter user.

Responding to Prakash Raj’s tweet about Ganesha Idols, a man tweeted, “What you people think is that a joke or a funny thing to do, no you can not do such kind of act, He is The Lord Ganesha”.

Here’s how others reacted!

Another Twitter user said, “This should,this does. It should be stopped,this is a bad trend,whoever did this is an idiot and must be stopped.”

Recently, Prakash Raj was called the male version of actress Swara Bhasker on Twitter.

This happened after he reshared a tweet that read, “How could they put him (Shah Rukh) and his family go through such harassment and trauma when he has been for decades giving the country love and joy!”

Responding to this, a Twitter user said, “prakacha has tweeted, whether it is visible to you or not that tweet is not worth of a cent also, he is the male version of @ReallySwara.”

Prakash Raj responded to the troll and said he was rather honoured being called so.

“I am HONOURED to be called as the male version of @ReallySwara (folded hands emoji) who’s version are you #justasking,” he tweeted.

Swara Bhasker responded to Prakash Raj, “Sir, sir, sir You are you .. best version ever!”

Courtesy/Source: indiatimes