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World’s clearest UFO photo revealed after 30 years; it’s called ‘The Calvine Photo’


AUGUST 16, 2022

The thing about UFO photographs is that they are never clear. Experts and enthusiasts have been disappointed for decades by bad-quality photos and videos of unidentified flying objects.

The photos or videos that surface on the internet most of the time are either too grainy or too dark for anyone to make deductions. For this reason, claims about UFO sightings cannot be fully authenticated.

But recently, the world’s ‘clearest UFO photo’ has been revealed to the world 30 years after it was apparently snapped by two hikers in the Scottish Highlands.

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The image was titled Calvine Photograph and originally handed over to Scotland’s Daily Record newspaper and then to the Ministry of Defence (MoD) in the early 90s. Since that time, it was never seen by the public.

Reports said the photograph was captured on 4 August 1990 about 35 miles northwest of Perth, near Calvine. The identity of the hikers who spotted the flying object has remained unknown to this day.

The snap shows a big diamond-shaped object hovering in the grey sky, with a plane flying behind it.

It is said the hikers watched the UFO as it hovered in the air for about ten minutes before shooting upwards and disappearing. It was estimated to be 100 feet in Length, according to The Sun.

Who unveiled it to the public?

Dr. David Clarke an academic journalist, uncovered the photo after decades of research. A copy of the photo was in the possession of former RAF press officer, Craig Lindsay.

Dr. Clarke has now ensured that the image is included in Sheffield Hallam University’s archives.

“After 32 years, and an intensive investigation, it feels good to be able to show this elusive photograph to the world,” he told a newspaper.

This isn’t the only clear UFO photo that has been uncovered this year.

In May, a high-resolution photo of what was called ‘the best photograph of a UFO ever taken’ was released to the public.

The photo was taken 50 years ago by map maker Sergio Loaiza, who was flying at 10,000 feet above the jungles of Costa Rica with 100lb camera, said reports.

During his map survey, he snapped hundreds of black and white photos of Lake Cote and the surrounding rainforest at an altitude of 3,000 metres.

It was when he developed all his snaps, that he spotted an odd detail on the left side of a photo.

However, the object was not very clear in the developed photo by Sergio. The UFO was spotted only after the image was enhanced recently.

Courtesy/Source: Times Now