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‘Even Animals Can’t Eat’: UP Cop Breaks Down Over Poor Food Quality, Firozabad Police Responds


AUGUST 11, 2022

A video clip of a police constable protesting over the quality of food being served to them has gone viral on social media. The constable, Manoj Kumar, seen crying while staging a demonstration and was later whisked away by the police.

In the video clip, Kumar says, “The food that is being given is the kind which even an animal cannot eat, but it is fed to us. It is a scam by the senior superintendent of police and the DCP. Through these people police personnel are provided poor quality food.”

He also said that bad quality food was provided despite assurances given by Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath that the allowances given to police personnel will be increased by around 30 per cent to ensure a nutritious diet for them.

“The Chief Minister had earlier announced that the state government provides an allowance for a nutricious diet for police officials. But this is what we get after long hours of duty,” he said.

Kumar said, “The Reserve Inspector says that I will be suspended soon. I have told DGP sir regarding the problem several times, but till date no solution has been provided.”

The police mess manager, however, said that Kumar used to raise unnecessary hue and cry regarding the quality of food.

Senior police officials in the district refused to comment on the video.

Later, Firozabad police in a tweet said that constable Manoj Kumar has a history of disciplinary issues and has been punished 15 times in the past over irregularity and other such issues.

A probe has been ordered into the incident, police said.

Courtesy/Source: News18