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Idaho Man Films “Portal” UFO In The Sky Over Boise


AUGUST 5, 2022

What is it?

A man in Boise Idaho was stunned recently by a strange ring of light that appeared in the sky over his home. In the videos below, you can hear his shock and astonishment as he attempts to film this light and its inexplicable behavior with the only instrument he has available, his mobile phone.

In the videos, the man is trying desperately to zoom in on the large light that appears in the sky. It’s not the moon, or the planet Venus (often mistaken for a UFO) , as its behavior shifts and changes dramatically during observation.

The light expands, growing into a perfect ring, like a portal. Though it is difficult to see on the recording he managed to make with this camera, he describes it as “spinning very fast.”

“I don’t know why, but I think I need you to hold my hand,” he says to his partner.

As it expands and contracts, even changing colors at some point, he narrates everything he sees, both through the camera and in real life, as his equipment is not very good. Soon after, a helicopter arrives on scene, as if to observe whatever this phenomenon is in the sky.

As the helicopter approaches, the light contracts one last time, turns red, and then vanishes. If it was just a drone or other small craft, this would make sense, but the final report before the video ends is that the area of the sky where it once hovered is now exhibiting some strange afterglow of energy emissions.

There are no updates to this account, nor any other reported sightings on that night. What was the strange light in the sky? We may never know.

Courtesy/Source: Exemplore