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Woman’s Confusion Over the Bathrooms in Mexico City Is Absolutely Priceless


JULY 22, 2022

We are cracking up!

If you’re learning a new language for the purposes of traveling in a country where it’s the primary language spoken, one of the first phrases you’ll probably memorize is “Where is the bathroom?” After seeing this video, though, you may want to learn another phrase as well: “Which bathroom do I use?”

That phrase may have helped TikTok user @majortraeger on her recent trip to Mexico City, where she found herself in a dilemma: the bathroom signs were not the one she was used to, and she wasn’t sure which one to use! We couldn’t help but laugh watching this video. She is so confused!

Poor @majortraeger had a 50% shot at getting it right on the first try, but unfortunately picked the wrong one! LOL! At least the bathroom was empty. Luckily, many of her followers knew the right answer, and cleared it up for her! “H is for hombre which means man in Spanish and M is for mujer which means women in Spanish :)” explained user @amena.yassin. For as many people chiming in with helpful explanations, however, there were just as many who took the opportunity to make some hilarious jokes. Some of their responses split our sides!

“M is an upside down W” quipped @donpapieats. User @colinda92 said: “Simpsons. H for Homer and M for Marge 😁.” One user even suggested a mood-based alternative: “H for Happy, M for Mad. You choose depending on ur mood.”

At least travelers can take away a pro tip from @majortraeger’s misadventure: if you’re traveling somewhere where they speak a language you’re unfamiliar with, you may want to learn the words for “man” and “woman” so you don’t end up in the same situation!

Courtesy/Source: WanderWisdom