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‘Shame on you’: Parents demand resignations, firings at Loudoun Co. school board meeting


OCTOBER 28, 2021

In Ashburn, tensions ran high during the Loudoun County school board meeting Tuesday night where more than 100 people told school board members and the superintendent that they lost the trust of their community.

On Tuesday, parents pleaded for safety and accountability at the Loudoun County school board meeting.

“You have failed our students,” one speaker said.

“Two young ladies are scared forever,” said another.

“You were clearly aware of sexual assault at Stonebridge,” said another.

Earlier in the day, LCS students staged a walkout to protest the recent events.

The parents’ barbs Tuesday night were plentiful, sending a strong message to the board.

“Her life has been forever been affected,” said another.

”I’ve lost almost all confidence in a system I have championed for so long,” said another.

“I don’t trust you to ensure the education or safety of my daughter,” said another.

“You people are disgusting,” said another.

For two hours, parents demanded Loudoun County school board members fire superintendent Scott Ziegler, and then resign themselves.

“Props to all the kids for calling you out today,” said one speaker.

“Everyone last of you resign,” said another.

“Resign today!” another person said.

“We will not sit down, shut up or back down,” said another.

“Resign or be removed!” said another.

“Shame on you,” said another.

“Resign like your bestie Beth Barts,” said an eighth girl.

It was the first public comment period since Ziegler apologized after parents expressed outrage with how the district handled reports of sexual assaults inside schools.

Out of more than 100 speakers, one speaker expressed support for the board’s equity agenda.

“Do not let circumstances surrounding the election and people coming into the county keep you from keeping the pressure on ensuring we have equity that all children are safe and affirmed in their classrooms,” one woman said.

Some parents and kids also complained that the school board forced them to stand outside – in windy, 50-degree weather – as they waited to speak to the school board inside.

Courtesy/Source: WJLA