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All about Candida Auris, fungus that could cause a pandemic more dangerous than coronavirus


FEBRUARY 2, 2021

The whole world is still struggling with the coronavirus pandemic but in the meantime, scientists have warned of a fungus which is even more dangerous than COVID-19. The name of this fungus is ‘Candida auris’, and it is considered to be extremely dangerous.

The Sun cited scientists at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP) saying that the next pandemic could be caused by “Candida Auris”, a fungus which resembles the Black Plague.

Scientists believe that the ‘Candida auris’ fungus is so dangerous, that it is capable of causing a major epidemic like the coronavirus because it is spreading fast. They referred to the fungus as the ‘perfect pathogen’ that can be responsible for a much serious pandemic.

If the fungus permeates one’s bloodstream, it will most certainly become fatal. If it enters the body through catheters or other tube-based equipment in hospitals, it would be even more fatal. Scientists associated with CDCP told that if this fungus spread in hospitals, then it will become very dangerous.

It has been reported that the fungus is improving itself and neutralizing most anti-fungal medicines.

As per epidemiologist Johanna Rhodes at London Imperial College, ‘Candida auris’ fungus can keep itself alive for a long time on the surface. In 2016, Rhodes was in the team to control the infection caused by fungus in England. He said that it is also being compared to the black plague because it is spread with monkeys.

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed deficiencies in health services throughout the world. They need to be removed because many epidemics can spread in the coming time. Environmental change will also play an important role in this. In such a situation, health services will have to be improved on a priority basis.

Courtesy/Source: DNA