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Pet parenting: Here’s how you can keep your pet happy and healthy indoors


NOVEMBER 12, 2020

Pets miss the outdoors as much as we do and there’s no doubt about it. They need constant attention and care that makes them feel important. They also miss their evening stroll, meeting their friends from the neighborhood and witnessing the outside world on their daily walks. There are several challenges that pets might face while being stuck indoors like feeling frustrated, sad and low.

However, pets can be happy indoors as well, all you need to do is give them attention and a playground to play with their toys and they’re happy. Playing with your pet regularly and entertaining your four legged friends with toys is enough to keep your pet happy. These are the simple ways you can keep your pawfriends happy and healthy indoors.

1. Get them toys to play with

There are multiple pet toys available online that you can purchase. Dogs love to play with toys and be lost for hours playing with these toys.

2. Give them attention from time to time

Giving pet your attention along with love and care is an important aspect of keeping your pet happy. Treat them like your child and give them the unconditional love and they remain happy.

3. Play with them regularly

Make out time for your pet and play with them. You can play catch and fetch with your dogs and simply do something to keep them active and energetic.

4. Plan a routine for them

Chalk out a plan for your pet. List down daily activities like grooming, feeding, playing and resting for your pet and stick to the routine. This will instill discipline in your pet and keep them healthy.

5. Create a playground for them

Create a small playground for your pet in the backyard of your house or even indoors. You can put in a dog cage and throw in some toys to keep your pets entertained.

6. Give them a healthy diet

Provide your pet with a proper diet that includes good dog food and nutrients to keep your pet healthy. Avoid feeding your dog with waste or scraps from the dining table.

7. Exercise with your pet

To keep their fitness in check, exercise with your pets regularly. You can exercise with your pet indoors by turning your furniture into obstacles or make a room for a game of fetch.

Courtesy/Source: Pinkvilla