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Singer Bruce Springsteen: ‘We are rudderless and joyless’ under Trump


OCTOBER 29, 2020

Bruce Springsteen says the “joyless” Trump White House has made Americans lose “their mojo” and sense of fun.

“There’s no art in this White House. There’s no literature, no poetry, no music. There are no pets in this White House: no loyal man’s best friend, no Socks, the family cat,” the “Letter to You” singer said on his SiriusXM show, “From My Home to Yours,” on Wednesday.

“There are no images of the first family enjoying themselves together in a moment of relaxation: no Obamas on the beach in Hawaii moments or Bushes fishing in Kennebunkport, no Reagans on horseback, no Kennedys playing touch football on the Cape,” Springsteen told listeners on an episode titled “Farewell to the Thief.”

“Where’d that country go? Where did all the fun, the joy, and the expression of love and happiness go?”

Noting how Americans raised millions of dollars with charity events like 2014’s ice bucket challenge, Springsteen railed against President Trump: “We used to have a president who calmed and soothed the nation, instead of dividing it.”

“We are rudderless and joyless,” Springsteen continued. “We have lost the cultural aspects of society that make American great.”

“We have lost our mojo, our fun, our happiness, our cheering on of others – the shared experience of humanity that makes it all worth it.”

The 71-year-old musician has been a vocal critic of Trump, calling his presidency a “nightmare.”

The country, Springsteen said, has “lost so much in so short a time.”

He encouraged voters to head to the polls on Tuesday, saying, “On Nov. 3, vote them out.”

Courtesy/Source: The Hill