Pelosi: Trump ‘engaged in fright and fear’ in efforts to ‘discredit’ voters



Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said Sunday President Trump is using “fright and fear” in efforts to discredit the integrity of the upcoming election in the eyes of voters.

MSNBC’s María Teresa Kumar asked Pelosi about Trump’s efforts to “stall the election.”

“He’s encouraging the voters to vote twice. He’s making sure that the intelligence – you don’t get the intelligence briefings live. What does that signal to you?” Kumar asked.

“What it signals is that he’s engaged in fright and fear, as usual,” Pelosi responded. “And what we’re saying to people is, ‘Do not pay any attention to what he is saying. He wants to discredit your vote.’ We understand what he’s about. We intend to mitigate for the damage that he’s causing. And we’re doing so with an aggressive Get Out The Vote. ”

Kumar asked Pelosi if she thinks Trump is attacking the integrity of the election in a similar manner to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“I want to talk about also how Putin oftentimes tries to use this idea that by attacking integrity of the election it actually ensures that people may not vote,” she asked. “Do you think that the President is telegraphing something very similar here? He’s trying to do voter suppression by questioning whether someone’s vote will be valid?”

“Yes, indeed. I think that’s exactly what his purpose is,” Pelosi responded. “Is to say, ‘Why should you vote? Your vote will not be voted as cast.’ It’s, again, a tactic on his part that must be ignored.”

Trump last week suggested his supporters attempt to vote twice in the November election to ensure their ballot is counted. It is illegal for voters to intentionally vote twice in an election.

Courtesy/Source: The Hill