RSS, BJP playing dangerous game in name of Hinduism, says Ashok Gehlot


DECEMBER 22, 2019

Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot led a massive rally in Jaipur on Sunday against the citizenship law and the National Register of Citizens saying that that “a dangerous game” is being played by the RSS and BJP in the name of Hinduism.

“You divide people in the name of religion, you want to implement the agenda of Hinduism; hence, one after the other, you send a message to the people talking of nationalism. Are we not nationalists? You talk of religion, you do politics hiding behind the Army; you talk of Article 370, Ram Mandir. What do you want in the end?” Gehlot asked, addressing a rally after a three kilometre silent ‘Samvidhan Bachao Peace March’ here. A statue of Mahatma Gandhi stood behind the stage at Gandhi Circle.

Citing Pakistan, the CM said that a nation created in the name of religion doesn’t stay united. “Pakistan was created in the name of religion. I want to ask Modi ji: entire Pakistan was one. People of just one religion lived there: Muslims. Then how come Pakistan was divided in two? Why was another nation, Bangladesh created? No one has the answer. The agenda of the BJP and the RSS is common civil code, Article 370, Ram Temple and now Hindu Rashtra — how many pieces do you want to break the nation into?”

“Talking of Hindus you want to divide people along the line of religion. A very dangerous game is being played. Our countrymen have understood; that it is not only against Muslims. It is against everyone; Everyone will be made to stand in lines and humiliated,” he said, adding that, “Modi ji and Amit Shah ji should understand that a nation doesn’t run with tyrant and fascist tendencies. In a democracy, it runs with love and brotherhood. You can pass a law through a majority (in the Parliament), but you can’t win hearts with the majority. The entire country is on fire — 15 people have died in Uttar Pradesh alone. Bullets are being fired only where there’s a BJP government.”

“The Constitution was put to test for 70 years and it lived up to the expectations. But look at things now…” he said.

The CM also said that the NRC is inherently flawed and it was conducted in Assam while being monitored by the Supreme Court.

“Different figures are coming in, 19 lakh people were marked as not having the documents; as it turned out, 16 lakh among them were Hindus,” he said.

At the silent march, Gehlot was joined by leaders of nearly half a dozen political organizations.

Courtesy/Source: Indian Express