The BJP govt worked with speed, skill, scale in 5 years, Congress only did anyay: PM Modi


APRIL 15, 2019

NEW DELHI – Indian PM Modi on Monday said his government has worked with speed, skill and scale since 2014 to facilitate development at a grassroots level.

In an interview with DD News Channel, PM Modi said that in the last five years, people have seen the speed, skill and scale at which his government is performing.

Our hard work has only brought confidence to the people,” said PM Modi.

Speaking about benefits to farmers, PM Modi said, Soil health cards have been distributed among farmers. This was done so that farmers can better understand the nature of soil that they use for farming. He added that farmers have been given a new scientific outlook.

From the time of independence until now, sanitation has increased from 38 per cent to 99 per cent, said PM Modi, highlighting the government’s achievements in improving sanitation in rural areas.

PM Modi explained that before his government came to power, the prices of LED bulbs were Rs 350-Rs 400. However, the prices have come down to Rs 45-Rs 70 under NDA’s rule.

He vowed to improve India’s ease of living rank and said his government will ensure complete electrification by 2022.

Speaking about solar power for the masses, PM Modi said it will be accessible for everyone in time to come. He said just the same way mobile phones have become common for every person, solar power will be available for everyone in future.

Hitting out at the Congress’s NYAY scheme, PM Modi said that when Congress talks about their Nyay scheme, they agree that they did “anyay” or injustice to the people of the country over so many years in the past.

“When Congress talks about NYAY, the party has knowingly, unknowingly accepted that they have done grave injustice to the country since independence. This is going to cost them,” PM Modi said.

Speaking about India’s role on a global scale, Prime Minister Modi said the world today is so interconnected and interdependent that India can’t stay in an isolated space.

“Our effort is to keep the interests of India in the forefront and keep pace with the world. The world today has become interconnected and interdependent to the extent that India can’t be in isolation,” PM Modi said.

Courtesy/Source: India Today