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Five facts about Maryland Day, observed Monday


MARCH 26, 2019

Two empty deck chairs sit facing the Chesapeake Bay at sunset in St. Michaels, Maryland, 02 August 2007. – Provided by TEGNA Inc.

Maryland, the seventh state, turned 385 years old Monday. Here are some fun facts about the state to commemorate the holiday.

  • On March 25, 1634, the first European settlers, sailing on The Ark and The Dove, landed in the Province of Maryland.
  • The settlers first stepped foot on Maryland soil at St. Clement’s Island.
  • Maryland is known for its expansive Chesapeake Bay waterfront.
  • Maryland’s Mount Clare Station was the first railroad station in the United States. It was built in Baltimore, Md. in 1830.
  • Maryland was named after Queen Henrietta Maria (Queen Mary), the wife of King Charles I.