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The Best Time to Book a Flight and Save Money


MARCH 24, 2019

Booking flight travel (Photo via scyther5 / iStock / Getty Images Plus)

You can save money on airfare by booking on the right day during the right time, according to CheapAir.

After reviewing 917 million airfares in more than 8,000 different markets, CheapAir has released its recommendations for the best time to purchase flights in 2019. According to the site, the best time to purchase a plane ticket is 76 days before your travel date.

When you’re looking to buy a winter flight, CheapAir says you should avoid Christmas week and ski destinations and buy a ticket 94 days from your travel date. The prime booking window for winter vacations is 74 to 116 days with the average domestic winter fare coming out at $433, making it the most expensive time of year to travel.

In terms of spring flights, the best time to buy a flight is 84 days from travel with the prime booking window between 47 and 119 days. The average spring airfare is $354.

Peak summer travel dates are between June 15 and August 15 with the best flight deals in late August and September. The prime booking window is 21 to 150 days from the trip, with the best day for booking 99 days from the travel date. The average fare is $365 for a summer domestic flight, though you can find significantly lower rates in the second half of August and September.

Lastly, fall flights are best booked 69 days out with the prime booking window set between 20 to 109 days from your travel date. The average fall domestic travel fare is $342 which makes it the best season to find air travel bargains.

CheapAir also dispelled the myth that booking on a certain day of the week will result in a lower airfare. According to the site, the difference is about $1. However, you can get a cheaper flight based on the days you fly.

Departing for your trip on a Tuesday will result in nearly an $85 drop in fare price than if you flew out on the most expensive day, Sunday. If you can’t fly out on Tuesday, try to fly out on Wednesday and always try to avoid flying on Friday or the weekends, which will be more expensive.