Cohen Sues Trump Organization for Legal Costs, Including Mueller


MARCH 7, 2019

Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump’s former lawyer and fixer, sued the Trump Organization, saying the company stopped paying his legal fees in June 2018 and breached a contract to repay him for litigation expenses.

The suit filed Thursday is likely to prolong the bitter feud between the two men as Cohen heads to prison in May. Cohen, who has pleaded guilty to multiple crimes, just wrapped up a series of appearances before Congress, where he impugned his former boss as a “racist,” “con man” and “cheat.”

“The Trump Organization agreed to indemnify Mr. Cohen and to pay attorneys’ fees and costs incurred by Mr. Cohen in connection with various matters arising from Mr. Cohen’s work with and on behalf of the Organization,” according to the complaint in state court in Manhattan. “These matters included multiple congressional hearings, Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s investigation, and others.”

Cohen claims he’s incurred at least $1.9 million in attorneys’ fees and costs that weren’t reimbursed.

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Courtesy/Source: Bloomberg