‘Large parts’ of GOP establishment want to distance themselves from Trump, says pollster


NOVEMBER 12, 2018

Pollster Rob Griffin said on Monday that there are large swaths of the GOP establishment that privately want nothing to do with the Trump administration.

“Throughout Trump’s presidency, one of the issues they’ve faced is that, contrary to what they’ve promised, they’re not able to bring in the best people,” Griffin, research director at the Public Religion Research Institute, told Hill.TV’s Joe Concha on “What America’s Thinking.”

“There are large parts of the Republican establishment that even to this day, even though they won’t say publicly, really don’t want that much to do with the presidency, and hope to have sort of a time period after his presidency where they can distance themselves from him pretty strongly,” he continued.

Members of the Republican establishment publicly spoke out against Trump’s presidential bid in the early days of the 2016 presidential primary, with some Republicans forming what was known as the “Never Trump” movement.

While there have been rumblings of frustrations with Trump among Republicans and some candidates distanced themselves from him during the midterm elections, the majority of GOP lawmakers have fallen in line with the president.

Trump has followed through on a number of key conservative campaign promises such as tax cuts.

Polling shows that the majority of the party is on board with Trump as well.

Ninety-one percent of Republicans said they approved of Trump, according to recent Gallup tracking. 

Courtesy/Source: The Hill