Rs 355 crore spent on Modi’s 41 foreign trips since becoming PM, reveals RTI


JUNE 28, 2018

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s foreign trips have often become a point of contention for the Opposition to target him. The Opposition has constantly attacked PM Modi’s numerous trips saying that it has paralyzed governance in the nation.

An RTI has revealed that the Prime Minister has made a total of 41 trips to over 50 countries in 48 months of his tenure. The total cost of these trips according to the RTI amounts to over Rs 355 crore.

The information was revealed after an RTI activist from Bengaluru submitted a query regarding the prime minister’s foreign visit. The prime minister has spent a cumulative 165 days abroad during his tenure.

Incidentally, the website of Prime Minister’s Office has also posted the list and details of the foreign trips by PM Modi in the last 48 months. While expenses incurred on chartered flights have been mentioned for 30 trips, 12 such trips are yet to be billed.

The most expensive trip was the PM’s tri-nation visit to France, Germany and Canada at a cost of Rs 31.25 crore, while the minimum amount was spent on his trip to Bhutan at Rs 2.45 crore.

Courtesy: CNN