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Monday marks ends of net neutrality rules


JUNE 11, 2018

Monday marks the end of net neutrality rules in the U.S., following GOP members of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voting to end the protections last year.

The FCC announced the June 11 end date in May after the organization voted 3-2 along party lines last December to roll back the 2015 Open Internet Order.

The end of the protections comes even as Democrats and protestors press forward with their calls for an open internet.

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has argued the commission went beyond its authority when it imposed the net neutrality regulations.

Those in favor of net neutrality argue that scrapping the rules gives major internet companies like Comcast or Verizon the ability to hike up the cost of internet use and limit access online.

The Senate voted last month to restore the net neutrality protections, but the bill is unlikely to pass the Republican-controlled House.

States have also started to create their own net neutrality rules. However, the FCC included a measure in its repeal order that blocks states from creating their own rules, laying the groundwork for legal battles over the open internet laws.

Courtesy/Source: The Hill