India in talks with US over H1B And H4 spouses visas issue


MAY 29, 2018

Indian External Affairs Minister – Sushma Swaraj – Getty

India is in talks with the United States of America over the recent decision by the Trump administration to revoke the H4 spouses visas of H1B visa holders. External Affairs Minister on Monday during her annual press conference said that India is doing all it can to stop this move.

“We are talking to the White House, the State Department administration, Senators and Congressman to ensure it is not revoked because it is in the interest of Indians and of America,” she said. 

The H4 visa policy was formed and implemented at India’s request in 2015, when Barack Obama was President, after Narendra Modi took over as India’s Prime Minister. “These visas came about during our government. It is true that the Trump administration is reviewing it and could rescind it. We are working very hard to ensure it does not get revoked,” said the minister.

If revoked, it would terminate work authorisation for the spouses of H1B visa holders leading to a devastating impact on scores of H4 visa holders who have work permits.

The proposed rule is currently in final clearance, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) told a federal court in a status update.

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India is trying to engage lawmakers and stakeholders aggressively which has, according to the EAM, yielded positive results as 130 members of Parliament, both Congressmen and Senators, have written a letter to Trump asking him not to revoke H4 visas, stating that the American economy will be jolted by it.

Sushma Swaraj also admitted that while India is doing its best, the decision lies with the American government. “America is a sovereign nation and ultimately the decision is theirs but we are trying our best,” she said at the press conference.

Courtesy/Source: India Today