Kim Jong-un thanks S Korea for Olympics


February 13, 2018

February 13, 2018

Mr. Kim has thanked the South for hosting the North's delegation to the Winter Olympics. – Getty Images

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has praised South Korea for its "impressive" efforts in hosting a delegation from the North during the Winter Olympics.

State media outlet KCNA said Mr. Kim had thanked the South for "prioritizing" the North's visit to the Games in Pyeongchang.

His comments came as the delegation, led by Mr. Kim's sister Kim Yo-jong, returned home to report on their visit.

The Games will run until 25 February.

"After receiving the delegation's report, Kim Jong-un expressed satisfaction over it," state media KCNA reported.

"Very impressive were the features of the south side, which specially prioritized the visit of the members of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea… and expressed thanks for them."

Ms. Kim and the North's ceremonial head of state Kim Yong-nam made up the most senior delegation from the North to visit the South since the Korean War in the 1950s.

Courtesy/source: BBC News