US may welcome talented Indians with open arms as Trump plans merit-based immigration system


February 10, 2018

February 10, 2018

"It is time to create a merit-based immigration system that makes sense for a modern economy – selecting new arrivals based on their ability to support themselves financially and to make positive contributions to U.S society," said the President of the United States on Thursday.

The US government is drafting a new immigration policy which will end the year-old-practice of alloting green cards or permanent legal residency under 7% per country quota, and instead, will give it on the basis of merit.

While Trump's plan seems as yet another protectionist measure against the immigrants, it may actually help talented Indians get Visa for the country. President Trump's framework would end the visa lottery program and reallocate some of the visas to help reduce the backlog of high-skilled, employment-based immigrant cases, the White House said in a statement.

    Time to end the visa lottery. Congress must secure the immigration system and protect Americans.

    — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 8, 2018

According to a report by PTI, India-Americans who are highly skilled suffer at the hands of the current lottery-based merit system which imposes 7% per country quota. The waiting period for Indians to get green cards can be up to 70 years, however, if the new immigration policy comes in place, backlogs among high-skilled, employment-based immigrant cases will be reduced.

Hundreds & thousands of tax paying legal Indian immigrants will die before they get their green card #HR392 which has 300 bipartisan cosponsors in the house should be passed in the congress to clear the Green card backlog fairness for legal immigrants.

– Parthiban Shanmugam (@hollywoodcurry) December 4, 2017

For quite some time, Indian techies have been fearing deportation due to the anticipated changes in immigration policies, denying the extension to H-1B visa holders. However, on January 20, the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) clarified that there was no such proposal bringing relief to over 400,000 Indian who are living the US with the H-1B visa, while awaiting their green-card status.

"Immigration is a national security issue, and a merit-based immigration system would better serve our national interest because it would benefit the American people," US Attorney General Jeff Sessions said in a statement.


Courtesy/Source: Financial Express