2016 Career Horoscope by astroYogi


December 31, 2015

AstroYogi astrologers bring you Career Horoscopes for the upcoming year 2016. Stop worrying and take control with these accurate predictions which will help you to plan the coming year in advance.

December 31, 2015

AstroYogi astrologers bring you Career Horoscopes for the upcoming year 2016. Stop worrying and take control with these accurate predictions which will help you to plan the coming year in advance.


In 2016, you would be very wise to concentrate on the advancement of your goals, especially where your professional life is concerned. Aries, keep your head down and focus, and new and outstanding projects alike will be brought to completion with relative ease.

The Sun will be in Capricorn from mid-January, bringing you professional excellence and the chance to move forward. This will be enhanced by the presence of Mercury and Venus in Capricorn from mid-February. You will stand out above the crowd in your office for sure. If you have been working on a big project, you will come to completion around this time.

What you will find even more encouraging, is that your friends and loved ones will support you as you gain momentum at work. This will allow you to take your career further without jeopardizing your relationships, but this is no excuse to neglect those who you love. Make sure to balance your time.

The Sun will move into your sign in April, accompanied by Mercury, which brings yet more success. Your previous efforts will pay off with some recognition, and you will impress your seniors. This gives you the opportunity to move up quickly in your company. If you have been seeking promotion or wage increases then now is the time that you get your payoff!

You can then enjoy your new position, or at the very least enjoy the recognition you are receiving, and this will continue up until July. At this time the presence of Mercury in Leo, as well as its retrograde, will cause delays in projects. You will need to put a lot more effort into work if you wish for your upward trends of the previous months to continue, but it is still worth pushing through even when it seems there is more resistance.

You will also need to be careful not to make hasty and impulsive decisions at this time. If you are offered a new job, or a new client approaches you with a deal that seems too good to be true, then take care to fully analyze the situation. Take caution, and wait until you are absolutely sure until you do anything life changing.

An unfortunate alignment occurs in which Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, and the Sun all pass through Virgo later in the year. This could bring yet more delays at work as well as obstacles in your personal life, especially between August and October. You could find delays at work, and obstacles in your personal life. This might stand out to you as a particularly challenging time given how smoothly the rest of the year seems to go.

During these months you would be wise to take good care of your health, and to slow the pace down in all areas. Take a breather. There is no need to go against the grain, and full speed ahead does not always win you the race; especially if it only serves to bring you more stress and worry. If there is any time to take a break from work, or slow things down, it is now.

Besides, if you look after yourself well, you will be rewarded and relieved of this temporary hiccup when Venus enters Sagittarius in November, bringing you success on every level!

2016 is a brilliant year for careers and business Aries. You will find that you are recognized for your efforts and talents, and given more opportunities. Keep focused and balanced, and you will end the year in a much more favorable position than when you started! This is a general prediction for Aries natives.


Your innovation in the workplace will not go unrecognized this year, and you can expect professional growth no matter what area you work in, as long as you get your head down and work hard to show the people who matter what you are really made of!

The Sun enters Pisces on March 14th, and with it you might see your mind lighting up with brilliant ideas and new approaches to certain problems in your career. This will help you to put the extra creative spin on your outstanding work, and gives you confidence that you have done your best.

When Mars enters Scorpio from March 20th it brings a sort of focus and level of communication that will see you flying high if you have a desk job or work in marketing. Put in the extra hours at the office, and never be afraid to put forward those new ideas that could help to drive sales within your company.

When the Sun then passes through Aries from April 14th, you may find that you have to slow down the pace at work a little bit, contrary to your recent spurt of success. It might be the case that your personal life will start to become more of a focus, or it might be your own fatigue and lethargy that forces you into taking a break, or cutting back on long hours of overtime.

However, things will pick up for you pretty quickly again. The activity of Venus will bring you the opportunity to make further improvements in your career, as it passes through Taurus on May 20th. Tasks that have been long outstanding should now be wrapped up and delivered, especially if you work in the finance sector… If not you risk going round in circles without actually making any further improvement. Have faith that now is the time to hand in your work.

The first major obstacles in your business life may come towards the end of June. Although Venus' presence in Gemini will keep your creativity and innovation levels high, Mars will enter Libra on the 22nd and bring with it some uphill struggles. You may see conflict with friends and family who you previously felt support from, or you may find that plans at work just do not seem to pay off – despite careful planning.

All I can say here is that challenges are all part of your character building. If things happened too easily for you, you just might not appreciate them. These obstacles aren't likely to cause you any serious setbacks, but instead serve to remind you of how lucky you are to have come this far, and how important it is to balance your work life with other aspects, such as love and family.

One of the most amazing planetary forecasts of the year for you comes during August and September, when Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, and the Sun, all enter Virgo! This is a very favorable period for you in terms of financial gain and professional focus. You may reach a status of fame within the workplace at this time, due in part to all the extra effort and innovation you have brought to the company during the year.

However, you should be aware that this recognition could instead come from other places. You may find that your recognition, rather than coming from your boss, comes from your friends and family who want to congratulate you on recent advancements in your personal life, such as an addition of a new family member…

After a successful year in your career, and a mostly positive and favorable outlook for your work life, you wouldn't want to ruin it right at the end would you?

In November, Venus enters Sagittarius, and brings you another round of professional obstacles. These obstacles are actually molehills, but your own laziness will make them look like mountains. Only when you can conquer your own mental state will you find that the problems were never too great in the first place.

In terms of your career, 2016 is a great year for you, with some great periods of career growth and innovation in the workplace. August and September are the best times for you to advance. This is a general prediction for Taurus natives.


You may start the year with a lot to worry about, and this may cause you some restlessness and mental tension. Your confidence may be at a low too with the presence of the Sun in Capricorn. You will have to use your exceptional imagination and adaptive skills to find your way around this mental mess, or just take some time to relax.

Venus is in Capricorn on the 12th February, and at this time business might not be great for you, especially if you work for yourself. Mercury is also in Capricorn though, and suggests that if you work in an office you could find success in your projects. All in all it is better to focus on education at this time – learn something new that will pay off later.

The Sun moves through Pisces in mid-March, meaning you will enjoy some brilliant ideas and possibly some career growth and then into Aries the following month. You will start to feel a greater sense of harmony in the workplace, and an increase in energy levels that allows you to express your innovative thoughts.

Venus and the Sun will both move into Cancer on July 7th and 15th respectively, bringing great news for your professional life. Keep your enthusiasm high to make the most of whatever comes your way, whether it be an opportunity in your current workplace, extra hours at a second job, or a business opportunity that you have long awaited.

Professional obstacles can come around again in August, due to Jupiter moving through Virgo. These may seem like a repeat of earlier hassles in the year. This time you should seek to make a permanent resolve.

However, some of these obstacles can be a blessing in disguise, and you may find that problems eventually give way to promotions or pay increases. Either that or you will seek a complete change of direction in your career! If you have had a confrontation at the office, then you should stay true to yourself, and know that others will find out the truth.

Your career should continue in a favorable direction for you right up until the end of the year, though you should avoid any major decisions in December, when Mars is in Aquarius and could blur your insight. Sit tight until the New Year, and enjoy the financial comfort that you have earned in 2016.

It might be a slow and stressful start to the year, but you will pick up the pace and find yourself in an increasingly favorable position with business as the year goes on. August and September could be shaky, but this will be for the better, and you can make great changes to your career if needed. All the while you will find great support from those around you, who can help you to take your work to the next level. This is a general prediction for Gemini natives.


The start of the year may see you worrying about your money, but your career is expected to be given a kick of growth as the Sun enters Capricorn in the middle of the month. This means that while you may not see direct monetary gain, you will surely begin to get your foot on the ladder for the future.

If you are unemployed this might mean finding a job, or if you already working for a certain company you may start to settle into a new role, or find that aspects that you struggle with seem to click into place.

You may feel like you want to expand your business in February when Venus enters Capricorn, but you are likely to face challenges that make this very difficult, and you are better off sitting tight until after March 14th. At this time, the Sun enters Pisces and brings more favorable circumstances and a more naturally occurring opportunity for growth. February is therefore a time better spent enjoying a happy personal life, because after that things might just start to step up a notch!

In April, the Sun then enters Aries, accompanied by Mercury's presence in the sign, which brings with it a big cosmic boost of success and new opportunities to thrive. Work hard to deliver on these opportunities and you will find that Seniors will be most impressed with you.

If you keep yourself focused, this success is set to continue through May, and is further enhanced by Venus in Taurus from May 20th. You may also decide to start a new business at the time, and if you do you will find that your hard work starts to pay off, and you can do more of what you love for a living.

If you work for a company, then by this point in the year you are probably starting to think that you deserve some sort of promotion or wage increase. You have been constantly hitting your targets all year, have impressed in every respect, and have delighted your bosses. The first sign that this will happen for you is when Mars enters Libra on 22nd June. Do not push anything at this time, but let your consistent work ethic speak for itself.

If you didn't bag it the first time, Jupiter moves into Virgo in mid-August, and at this time you might see an even more likely chance of promotion, as well as a chance for more profits in business for those who work for themselves. Do not be afraid to stand up and express yourself if you feel like it will help your boss to make the right decision – which is to pick you!

Towards the end of the year you may actually face a rather interesting choice in your career. Despite all of the recognition and success in your existing job, you may be offered an entirely new avenue for your work life when Venus enters Scorpio in October. If your promotion didn't bring you the happiness you wanted, then you could jump ship to somewhere that you find more rewarding in the long run. This is an option for you don't you know?

This urge to find something new may also manifest in other ways. You may expand your business in a new direction, or you may enjoy a new avenue of education too; something to keep your mind engaged and always learning. If you have wanted to take a course then why not find a way to do it? An online course could be a good option if you want to learn alongside your job.

When Mercury and the Sun both enter Scorpio in mid-November that you find that your attainments at work begin to grind to a halt. The thing is Cancer, you can't stay focused if you don't feel right, and so you must rethink your situation if you are unhappy at this time. Don't be scared of change. The renewing energies of the Sun will help to make what seems like a bad situation, turn out to be a beneficial one.

Overall an outstanding year for your career. You will earn more and spend more. Work related travel will run smoothly. Promotions and wage increases are likely, and for anyone starting a new business 2016 promises to be exciting! This is a general prediction for Cancer natives.


Leo, the beginning of 2016 will see you wanting to expand your career. It's a new year after all, and this you will mark as an opportunity to advance yourself in the workplace, aided by the Sun as it moves into Capricorn on the 15th January.

It may be the case that you have to overcome adversaries in the workplace in order to really get where you are going, and the presence of Venus in Capricorn warns you to be careful for backstabbers at work. It could be a jealous colleague, or a superior that has it in for you, but whatever it is you will need to be tactful to navigate the situation.

However, you will be helped by Mercury, which joins with Venus and the Sun in Capricorn and empowers you to victory! People will come to know you as a worthy force in the workplace.

On May 20th Venus enters Taurus, and it is at this time that you might find yourself much more empowered to activate the career growth that you so desired earlier in the year. May mean expanding out into new territory if you have your own business, and if you are unemployed at this time new job options will come your way. Seize the moment, and move forward with your plans!

At the midpoint in the year you may find yourself facing yet more challenges in the workplace, as Mars enters Libra on June 22nd, bringing you delays to your projects. If you have deadlines you will have to be especially careful not to miss them at this time.

Venus and the Sun both move into Cancer in July, and again you will face yet more trouble at work. There will be one difference this time, and that is that you come on leaps and bounds. You may start to see the obstacles as part of the fun, and this will make it much easier for you to find your way around them.

At the same time you may feel moody, and like work is taking over your life. You should be very careful not to take your anger out on others at this time, especially not loved ones and family members, or you could cause serious offense.

Around the same time, work related travel might be on the cards, and if you choose to take short trips away with work you will probably find them to be a rewarding break from the norm. You do crave excitement after all, and this could bring more harmony to your life!

In August you will finally get the break you have been looking for. By that, I mean you will start to take part in some pretty crazy and perhaps unhealthy lifestyle choices that will detract from your work. With Jupiter in Virgo you may feel a bit less professionally inclined, but you will need to hold it together at work – you are being monitored! Luckily, Mercury is also present in Virgo, and brings a powerful ability for you to communicate and impress others. You may be able to wing it a bit, but in the long run it is hard work that will pay off!

You may be more focused on your personal life in September and October, and that is more than fine for you! You like to socialize, and life isn't all work! Venus passes through Libra from September 19th, and then into Scorpio in mid-October, suggesting more periods of work-related travel that could add to the buzz of these already exciting times that you are experiencing.

Mercury transits Scorpio on the 9th, and is joined by the Sun on the 16th, which suggests an excellent time for your professional life. You may not have been work-orientated on the run up to this, but your focus will flip back to your career or business, and new opportunities will jump out at you as if they were there the whole time!

Maybe it is your new boost of optimism that has allowed you to see it! You could take the chance to find a new direction for your business, take up a new role at work, or find a new venture altogether.

Overall a very positive year for your career. You start off with new hopes and dreams, which will drive you in the right direction and help you to overcome the many obstacles along the way. You might get bored from time to time, but this is usually because you are craving excitement.


Your forecast for 2016 suggests a steady rise in your career during the year. It is not so much that you can expect any dramatic events, but your reliable nature will see you advancing at a steady pace, enhanced at times by extra periods of innovation and higher than usual levels of communication. That is, if you can overcome the challenges of the first few months!

With the Sun in Capricorn from January 15th, it will be your natural charm and likeable personality that will be the key to the success that will boost your career for months to come, so do not be afraid to be yourself, but be diplomatic too.

February might be difficult, as Mercury is in Capricorn and can cause your office plans to fail at a time when others might be paying attention. Your reputation will be at stake, and you will need to stay alert to make sure you do everything you can to recover from a mistake. Venus enters Capricorn on the 12th, balancing the work situation and bringing an opportunity to prove yourself worthy. Take your shot, and show them what you got!

March and April can also be a difficult time at work for you Virgo, with the Sun moving through Pisces and then into Aries – both of which can cause a sort of haze over your mind, leaving you with less focus at work. The best way to conquer this is to get a change of environment that will help you to break the mold. Take a short trip, or even consider just changing up your routine.

The situation is only temporary, and by June your career will be plain sailing. Venus and the Sun both enter Cancer in July, and elevate you to new heights – your confidence will be at an all-time high, and you should ride with it and take on new projects. If you do, you will impress both your seniors and your colleagues, and will be well recognized as an extremely valuable asset.

As long as you keep your words in check, and find ways to get along and get around people who confront you, your career will continue to advance; you have made your mark, and now it is all about putting the work in and enjoying the stability that your job is bringing.

Virgo who are involved in their own business ventures or investments can enjoy exceptional prosperity from all directions this year.

Examples of particular powerful times to invest include May, June, and July, when Venus makes its movements between Taurus, Gemini, and Cancer, bringing luck and payouts all the way. If you already have investments down at this time you may find that you double your money! If not, now is a good time to lay down the foundations for a big profit in the future.

Exciting times in your work life Virgo! First you will have to prove yourself, then you will enjoy the affection of others in the office, and then you will have to be diplomatic and communicative in order to earn your stability. You will get there in the end you can be sure! This is a general prediction for Virgo natives.


Libra, your work life is in good shape as the year begins, and the Sun enters Capricorn on the 15th January to give you a much needed boost of energy that will drive you forward. To be honest though, you will be very much be enjoying the company of good friends at the start of the year, and you will have the balance really well set – you will be happy to have less going on at work.

On April 14th the Sun transits Aries, and there could be tensions in other areas of your life that can affect your business or work. The trick is not to make any major decisions at this time. It's all steady away really, and at times you might feel you are running on a treadmill.

However, hard work will prevail. Venus is in Gemini from the 13th June, and although this does give some resistance to tasks, if you push through you will eventually succeed at work. It won't be luck that gets you there, but sheer determination!

On the 7th July Venus enters Cancer, and is joined by the Sun on the 15th. This is the time when all of your recent efforts start to pay off, and you will shine at work, hitting your targets. You could make the presentation of a lifetime, secure a new deal, or impress your seniors. Again this will take hard work, but if you keep a calm attitude you will make a very positive statement.

Despite your breakthrough moments in July, you may face opposition from someone who is trying to make false accusations against you. There's always one person who can't handle it when you shine too bright! Luckily, your boss is on your side, and can see through the whole situation. The accuser will get their just deserves when Jupiter comes into Virgo in mid-August.

Mercury in Virgo towards the end of August could bring you some difficulties with tasks at the office. You might miss a deadline or two, or make a mistake, but your yearly performance will not be overlooked, and you won't be damaged in the long term by any errors here.

Just struggle through to complete your work, and await praise and recognition again when Mars enters Sagittarius on the 18th September, bringing you yet more chances to shine. You may be offered a role with more responsibility at this time, or if you are in business you might secure a deal that is life changing. Whatever the case, it is great news for your career at this time.

This is set to continue for much of the rest of the year, as long as you are able to put in the work to keep up your now golden reputation. In December, Mars enters Aquarius, setting you up for the potential to make a big move, which may involve a change of office, and a move to a new city. It will be your choice whether you take it!

You may want to spend more time socializing at the start of 2016, but as the year goes on you are going to rise up in the workplace. If you want it, you may get the chance to take on more work, more responsibility, and to do more with your business. This is a general prediction for Libra natives


Scorpio, you may not start off the year with much concern for your work or business, with the Sun in Capricorn suggesting more of a focus on your personal life. That's okay! You will find the right balance again when Venus enters Capricorn on the 12th February. You may have to make some sacrifices to your social life, but by this point you will be ready to do that.

At the end of February, with Mars in Scorpio, you may see an opportunity to change your job, and you should do so if you are not happy where you are currently. However, it is recommended that those in business avoid changing anything much – instead stick with what works for a while. If you don't have a job, then you may get lucky when the Sun enters Pisces on the 14th March. Make sure you are out there looking!

An interesting time for you if you are in business is the end of May, when Venus is in Taurus. If you have been seeking to go into a new venture then you may find the funds you need to carry out your plan. Just make sure you have thought it through enough to know that it will work, because there might be a bump along the way…

Venus moves into Gemini on the 13th June and disrupts your confidence a little. You may start feeling indecisive about the venture at this point, and your finances could dip. Have faith! When Mars moves into Libra on the 22nd June it brings strong chances of success and gain, and you will start to feel more comfortable that you have made the right move. Stick to the plan!

On the 27th July Mercury moves into Leo, and at this point you will feel to taking on more responsibility at work. At this time you should involve yourself with a challenging project – if you do your superiors will be impressed to see that you are reaching more of your potential. You can't prove yourself worthy if you do not step up and rise to something more than you do already, and this will be your chance.

Your enthusiasm remains high after such as fulfilling push, with Mercury moving into Virgo on the 20th August. It should be easy to stay energetic and passionate at this time, helping you to live up to your own expectations. The Sun enters Virgo on the 15th, and all of your hard work starts to pay off – your hard work over the past few months will be well appreciated. Enjoy the praise and potential pay rise!

By the time Venus enters Scorpio on the 14th October you will have hit a good rhythm with your workload, and task will be completed at a slow and steady pace. If you are in business or investment

Towards the end of the year you might find that a jealous colleague tries to trip you up at work, with Mercury in Scorpio on the 9th November. You will have to keep your cool at this point. Do not devalue your hard work over a rivalry – let your efforts and results speak for themselves!

Rise to the challenge this year Scorpio, and you will receive the recognition that you deserve. Sometimes you just have to prove yourself first, and this can mean taking the odd risk. This is a general prediction for Scorpio natives.


You may be focused on your social life as well as spending a lot of time with your family in the early months of 2016, but that doesn't mean you won't be putting in the hard work that is needed for you to get along in life.

Mars is in Scorpio from February 20th, and suggests that you will be working harder than usual at this time. This might mean more hours at the office, or more work to do when you get back home. You might feel that you are not really getting much back for your extra efforts, but if you keep working hard this will soon change…

The Sun moves into Pisces on the 14th March, and then onto Aries on the 14th April, and this graceful movement will see recent efforts well rewarded. You may see a pay rise, or just the benefits of your overtime, and you will also be recognized by superiors at the office as being a really top employee. A fateful event could bring you yet more success; perhaps by landing you a new client or deal.

Towards the end of May, people might become jealous of your achievements at work. Venus moves into Taurus on the 20th, and you could feel a funny vibe from coworkers. You should be very diplomatic at this time, and sometimes it is better to say nothing at all. Even an innocent suggestion could be taken badly.

Apart from that it will be all systems go in your career, and you will be plodding along and doing well. If you are not enjoying your current job at this stage, and feel unrewarded for efforts, Jupiter gives you the opportunity to change to somewhere preferable when it enters Virgo on the 13th August. However, many Sagittarius will be happy with their current situation at this time.

Towards the end of August, workloads start to increase, and you will see much more pressure coming your way, either from those above you who are demanding more, or from extra demand in your own business. Venus and the Sun conspire in Virgo to create this challenge, but if you learn to thrive, and use the pressure as extra motivation, then you will be well rewarded at the end of September. Expect a bonus or promotion of some sort!

It will be hard work that sees you advance this year, along with composure in the face of any conflicts. Keep your cool and keep your head down, and you can expect to move forward in business or work. This is a general prediction for Sagittarius natives.


Your career and work life is set to go from strength to strength in 2016 Capricorn. It's not going to be easy, but with the resourcefulness that makes you such an asset you are sure to make progress.

You will start the year with a professional energy that is hard to beat, powered by the Sun in your sign. Mercury and Venus move into your sign on the 11th and 12th February respectively, and tell you that you will need to work hard to achieve your dreams. You may already be living the dream in your personal life, but work will pay off too. This is an especially prosperous time for those who work in fashion or interior design.

The Sun moves into Pisces on 14th March, and again brings you a renewed enthusiasm that will keep you going in work. If you are happy in your job you will start to progress, and if you are not you will be given the opportunity to change it when the Sun moves into Aries on the 14th April. If you do move jobs your close friends will support your decision.

When Venus moves into Taurus on the 20th May you will really start to impress those who matter, and you will get desirable results on projects that get you noticed. If you are in a new job this could attract you some enemies when Venus moves into Gemini on the 13th June. You will have to be wary, and take charge in order to shun the competition.

If you keep your efforts up and hit targets, you could find a promotion is brought forth by the energies of Mars in Libra from the 22nd June. All of that hard work is most likely to pay off at this time with an increase in wages, and maybe a new role or responsibility. In any case your new found leadership skills will come in handy!

If you missed it the first time, then you might get a second chance when Jupiter transits Virgo from the 13th August, again suggesting promotions and recognition at the office. If you have confidence, then you can move up the ladder quite quickly. Anyone taking a professional course at this time will also find success.

Don't think just because you have achieved you can do less. On the contrary Capricorn, if you want to continue to make your break in your career in 2016, guided by the powerful professional influence that the planets are bringing, then you will need to persevere in your work, all the while being sure to keep yourself healthy and happy. This is a general prediction for Capricorn natives.


Slow and steady wins the race they say Aquarius, and in 2016 you are about to prove that to the world. Your work life might not always be exhilarating, but by the end of the year you will find your efforts are rewarded, and one way or another you will come to be happy in your career.

At the start of the year the Sun is in Capricorn, encouraging you to focus more on your work at the office. Mercury's presence in Capricorn from the 12th February will, however, make you lazy and lack confidence. Know that your reputation is at stake at the time. You have to find ways to motivate yourself.

When the Sun enters Aries on April 14th, you will have a great spell of new found enthusiasm for your work, and you may find variety and new opportunities within your existing vocation that make it much easier for you to put in the hours. This all pays off as Venus comes into Taurus on May 20th, and your efforts are realized through successful completion of your tasks.

On June 22nd Mars enters Libra, and brings an unfortunate circumstance where someone at work may try to defame you in some way. Perhaps your recent success has ticked them off, or maybe they have always had a problem with you, but either way you will have to trust your instincts. The problems will lie slightly below the surface, and Venus enters Cancer on the 7th July, suggesting that you would do well to avoid any conflicts.

On the 15th July, the Sun joins Venus in Cancer, and brings a resolution to the whole situation. The person who went against you will have their plan backfire and will be exposed, while you will have (hopefully) shown the resilience not to retaliate or cause hassle during this time. Accusations could return again when Venus enters Virgo on the 25th August, but you will be trusted and confident enough not to let it bother you this time.

Late October is the best time to seek a new business venture or new job, after Venus passes into Scorpio on the 14th. This will be a great period for new beginnings of all kinds, but is especially focused around work. If you are not happy, then why not move somewhere else? This is the time you are most likely to receive that offer.

In mid-November, both the Sun and Mercury transit Scorpio. This combination brings with it extra workloads and responsibilities, but will be very positive for you. Business will boom, and whether or not you are in a new job you are sure to shine. Your seniors will appreciate everything that you do for the company, and are very likely to offer you a pay rise or promotion! This is a general prediction for Aquarius natives.


Pisces, this is a great year for your professional development, and you will see many opportunities to grow your business, take on more work, or rise to a more financially comfortable place because of your job.

When Mercury enters Capricorn on the 11th February it brings the potential for change in the workplace. You may switch your job at this time, and with Venus also present in the same sign this could sway towards a role that is more active in society – have a think about your current situation, and see whether a change would make you happier. In any case, professional development is likely, if you focus more energy on it.

The Sun moves into Pisces on the 14th March, and this is a great time for those who work for themselves, or have a business. Expansion is likely, or you will be able to put your prices up according to demand or increased quality of product.

It is later on in the year that you are going to find more recognition and direct success in your career, especially when Venus and the Sun both enter Cancer in July. Both of these planets suggest innovation in the workplace. If you follow your original and most inspired ideas at this time you will advance quickly.

In September you will again feel inspired to take a bold step in work or business, as the Sun enters Virgo on the 15th, and Mars enters Sagittarius on the 18th. You may find a clever way to increase your productivity at this time, and you will need it as Venus brings you a greater pressure from a highly demanding task. You will succeed!

Pisces, you are looking inspired and innovative in the workplace this year, and on fire in your own business endeavors. The start of the year gives you the opportunity to make a change at work if you are not happy, and then after that you will have the energy and enthusiasm to succeed. This is a general prediction for Pisces natives.

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