How ill is Amma? Rumours of kidney ailment swirl as Jayalalithaa goes AWOL


July 13, 2015

CHENNAI – Tamil Nadu chief minister J Jayalalithaa has largely gone AWOL after being re-elected as Tamil Nadu chief minister.

July 13, 2015

CHENNAI – Tamil Nadu chief minister J Jayalalithaa has largely gone AWOL after being re-elected as Tamil Nadu chief minister.

Statements made by rivals are now fuelling doubts over whether she is ill and if so, just how ill she is. If a couple of reports over the weekend are accurate, Jayalalithaa may be very ill and depending on which report you read she may need either a kidney or liver transplant.

The first rumours of her ill health surfaced after she failed to make many public appearances and the DMK issued a statement asking for a full disclosure on what she's suffering from. DMK chief M Karunanidhi alleged there was lack of transparency in the state with Jayalalithaa unable to perform her duties owing to her illness.

"You please take rest and take care of your health. A chief minister of state should be transparent," Karunanidhi. who isn't the pink of health himself, was quoted as saying in the statement.

A Rediff report claimed that the former actress was in dire need of a liver transplant and would need to go to Singapore. The article has subsequently been pulled down.

A Tehelka report however, claimed she might have to go to Texas for a kidney transplant due to renal failure caused by painkillers. The report claimed that she will be admitted to the Methodist Speciality and Transplant Hospital in Texas. It stated that in addition to requiring the transplant, she is suffering from high blood pressure, as well as diabetes.

According to a Telegraph report as well, Jayalalithaa is suffering from a kidney problem and gangrene in her toes that could force her to undergo treatment like dialysis at home.

The AIADMK has insisted that she's fine. "People are waiting to repeat their 2014 Lok Sabha verdict by giving zero seats to Karunanidhi's party," AIADMK Tamil daily Dr. Namadhu MGR said.

But as theTelegraph report points out, concerns over her health aren't completely without basis. Her swearing-in was just 25-minutes-long where she struggled to walk. She has attended the secretariat only twice, the state cabinet hasn't met even once since she returned as CM and she even inaugurated the Chennai Metro through video conferencing, the report said. It also quoted an official as saying that Jayalalithaa was "seen wincing while walking" to her office and had to hold a railing.

While the party bravely defends its leader and Jayalalithaa maintains silence, it is the BJP that is the most worried. With the AIADMK chief unavailable, the party has no clue about the AIADMK's party MPs stand on various issues in the upcoming session of Parliament, reports DNA. The report also said that the Home Department is worried about a possible law and order situation in the event that Jayalalithaa's health worsens.

Courtesy: PTI