International Women’s Day: 12 Trailblazing Women Honored in Bhubaneswar, India


March 13, 2014

By Staff Reporter & Columnist, Sam Prasad Jillella

WASHINGTON DC: The United Nations (UN) theme for the International Women’s Day 2014 is: “Equality for women is progress for all.

March 13, 2014

By Staff Reporter & Columnist, Sam Prasad Jillella

WASHINGTON DC: The United Nations (UN) theme for the International Women’s Day 2014 is: “Equality for women is progress for all.

By Staff Reporter & Columnist, Sam Prasad Jillella – Special to MYDOSTI.COM – See more at: DC: The United Nations (UN) theme for the International Women’s Day 2014 is: “Equality for women is progress for all.

The AARYA Award winners with the organizers of the awards ceremony on the extreme right (Left to Right)): Parichay Foundation CEO, Rosalin Patasani and ICCR-Regional Head (Odisha chapter) Meenakshi Mishra

Started in Europe more than a century ago, and celebrated by the UN since 1975, the International Women’s Day on March 8, is highlighted to honor the monumental achievements of women, worldwide.

The International Women’s Day is a national holiday or special day in many countries, dedicated to women who overcome barriers, defy conventional wisdom, and change the world. 

It’s never too late!

“Yes, it’s not too late. We can make changes in India through collective efforts,” says the optimistic Rosalin Lipi Patasani, founder and CEO of Parichay Foundation, a native of the state of Odisha.

“We can make changes in India through collective efforts”: Rosalin Lipi Patasani, Founder/ CEO, of Parichay Foundation

Parichay Foundation, a six-year old New Delhi-based non-profit organization committed to working with women and empowering them, created and inaugurated the AARYA Awards in 2013.

“Aarya” is a Sanskrit word, meaning “a person of nobility and self-dignity.”

The AARYA Awards were created as an accolade to recognize women who display exceptional courage and perseverance, achieving heights, normally believed could be achieved only by men.

The Parichay Foundation, in collaboration with the Indian Council of Cultural Relations (ICCR), celebrated the International Women’s Day on Wednesday March 5, by awarding and honoring 12 women who are blazing trails in their fields of interest, inspiring younger women and girls to empower themselves.

The awardees are:

  • Gurjinder Kaur Dhingra:  Social Work
  • Sujata Jena:  Law
  • Binapani Nayak:  Music
  • Sujata Mohapatra:  Odissi Dancer
  • Valena Valentina:  Sports
  • Iti  Samanta:  Writing
  • Swetaleena Parija:  Medicine
  • Anita Das:  Cinema
  • Mala Mishra: Education
  • Binita Mishra, Harmeet Sehra: Corporate Social Responsibity
  • Paramita Mohapatra:  Entrepreneurship

Around 1000 men and women attended the celebration to applaud the outstanding achievements of the 12 women who fight against barriers, on a daily basis, and overcome barriers.

Odissi dancers entertaining audience

More than ever before, the present world believes that just as men do, women possess strength, intelligence, will-power, emotions, self-respect, hope and all the necessary abilities, to reach the heights of achievement.

And, globally it is being witnessed that women empowered, are reaching new heights.  

Two years ago, 150 people climbed the 29,029-feet tall Mount Everest, a dangerous expedition to engage in. Four men died, while descending.

The 29-year old Bangladeshi woman, Wasfia Nazreen, was one among the 150 climbers. She had earlier climbed the highest peak in every continent, and climbed Mount Everest to celebrate 40 years of independence of Bangladesh.  

On top of Mount Everest, Nazreen dedicated her expedition to Bangladeshi women.

She read: “Bangladesh got independence, but Bangladeshi women are still fighting for freedom. They risk their lives every day—for freedom, peace and equality.”

China and India lead the world in sex-selective abortions and female infanticide. It is estimated that in India alone more than 60 million women are missing, since their potential existence has been eliminated.

Human trafficking is a fast growing crime industry. The US has its own share of problems in combating human trafficking, which includes labor and sex trafficking.

In his speech, on March 07, at the commemoration of the International Women’s Day in New York, Secretary-General of the UN, Ban Ki-Moon said:

Ban ki Moon, Secretary–General, UN: “I make a special appeal to the men and boys of the world: Join us. Take the message forward in your homes, your workplaces, your schools, and your communities: Where men and women have equal rights, societies prosper.”

India is seeing positive changes in its society, which is focusing on empowering women.

But, Indians want the changes to be accelerated.

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